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I am looking for a place to rent where I can set up a wedding and then a reception after. That would allow us to bring in our own food, or choose our own caterer... A kitchen there would be a plus. Obviously needs to have an area for a dance food, restrooms and bride room to get ready in. Also on a tight budget. Looking for Omaha area.

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  • There is a new place called Starlight Chateau that allows all of that. If you google them you can get their information
  • We are having our wedding and reception at Soaring Wings in Springfield next September.  Beautiful views, especially if you want to have an outdoor wedding.  They are completely open to caterers and they have a small kitchen as well.  The only thing is that you must purchase their wine and beer--no outside alcohol allowed.  That and you can't have a daytime wedding there--has to be after they close at 5pm.  My ceremony is starting at 7pm, almost timing our first kiss with the sunset :)  Sorta corny---but whatever! ha!  You can start decorating certain places on the winery before they close, but it just depends on what package you purchase.  There is very large room to get ready in, but not so much for the guys.  In regards to dance floor--we're using the gazebo and the space around it.  There is also an indoor room for the reception, along with an outdoor patio you can use as well.  And tons of green lawn for whatever you choose--we plan on having some lawn games going on, blankets for seating, etc.

    I was expecting it to be a lot more expensive than it was, so I highly recommend giving them a call.  Hopefully I didn't go too overboard--I was just looking for the same thing and was extremely excited to find Soaring Wings! :)

  • We meth the Omar Building at a recent bridal fair. You get to choose your caterer and beverage provider. Beautiful brand new venue. You get the space from 9 am- 12 am.
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