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Night Before Your Wedding..

Will you and FI stay at the same place the night before the wedding, or will you stay somewhere separately so that he won't be able to see you at all the day of until the actual ceremony/first look?

We haven't actually hammered out the details on this yet. :/

Re: Night Before Your Wedding..

  • We are staying apart.


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  • Staying apart until first looks :)
  • We are staying apart. I'm staying with his sister and he is going to stay on his own and all the guys will join him in the morning.
  • Staying apart.  He won't see me until I walk down the aisle.  It was super important to him to do it this way.
  • Staying apart.  He's staying at our house and I'm staying at the hotel near the ceremony site.  We also aren't doing a first look so he won't see me until I walk down the aisle.  
  • Together. We are all in a hotel so we are not getting another room just so we don't see each other, but he's leaving in the morning to get ready
  • WonderRed said:
    Staying apart.  He won't see me until I walk down the aisle.  It was super important to him to do it this way.
    This. FI and I aren't traditionalists at all, but he really wants to wait until the ceremony to see me. 
  • FI and I live about 25 min from our venue, and I originally thought that I'd stay in the hotel and he'd stay at home, but he really wants to stay at the hotel too, but in separate rooms. I've got a suite, and he's got a basic room. After the wedding, we'll spend the night in "my" suite. 
  • Staying apart until I walk down the isle 
  • We are staying apart until the ceremony the night before my girls and I are having a sleepover with cool pajama and all which I am excited about.
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  • We are staying apart. I'm staying at home with my daughter and he's staying at his friend's house.
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  • We are staying apart. I'm staying at home with my daughter and he's staying at his friend's house.
    I'm really looking forward to having that evening alone with DS before the wedding. I've even promised him he can sleep in the king size bed with me. It just feels like necessary and special mom-kiddo time.
  • We're staying apart, he'll spend his final night living at home, and I'll be staying home. I just moved at the beginning of this month into a bigger place, and FI will move in after the wedding. We also are both about 25 minutes from the ceremony location, so it just makes sense.


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  • I want to stay apart but staying apart means I get to stay at home and he goes to find somewhere to stay and has waited til the last minute to figure that out. He's mad and wants to stay at the house. He wants to sleep on the couch. I really would rather he not be here. Guess things will figure themselves out. If he ends up staying at the house whatever we have already been living together for 4 years and have a baby on the way.
  • We have separate hotel suites at the hotel we're getting married at.
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  • Staying apart until I walk down the isle 
    this for me as well
  • I'm staying at my moms with my moh and he will stay at out house he won't see me til I walk down the aisle
  • I'm either staying with my sister or I'm staying at a bridesmaid's house. I believe FI's parents got him a suite for the night at the hotel our guests are staying at since his apartment is being occupied by some of his groomsmen that are coming from OOT. I'll figure out where I'm staying...I'm not too worried about it lol.
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    Staying apart. I'll stay in our hotel suite and he'll stay in the hotel suite with one of the groomsmen. We're having a DW, so that worked best. :)
  • We're staying apart as well.  My sister is staying at my apartment with me, and my fiance is staying in our hotel suite the night before the wedding.  We've got the side benefit of checking into the hotel the day before the wedding and taking a shuttle back from the reception.
  • Staying apart, I'll be at the hotel with my mom where we're having our wedding, he'll be staying home with my cousin (who's a groomsman) at our apartment! :)

    Yep we're being traditional!
  • I'll be in the bridal suite at the hotel we are getting married at and he will either be at our place, or if his mother gets her way, another hotel room at the hotel.  We live 10 minutes from the place, and he really would rather stay at home.
  • We're both more comfortable at home, and FI seems to think that as long as he gets up early and leaves to go get things ready, we can sleep in separate rooms and never see each other the day of until the ceremony. He is still considering staying at the place we're getting married to completely prevent the possibility of an accidental fiance sighting. :)
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