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Bridal shower for my mother

Any feedback would be useful
My mom and her  boyfriend recently got engaged and are planning to get married end of this year .I have a close relationship with my mother and have become good friends with her fiance.
My question is: shall I offer to plan a bridal shower for her? Is it common for  re marriages to do all the formalities of the first? This would be my mom's third wedding
Also,Her fiance has a daughter who is quite close to my mother since my mom has been living with her boyfriend and his daughter for many years now. Should i get her involved  in the planning being the future step daughter to my mother?
Any suggestions on how to send invites for this event?
Thank you!

Re: Bridal shower for my mother

  • I don't claim to be an expert but, I think you can have a bridal shower no matter how many weddings you have. I believe every formality that is in a first marriage is acceptable in a subsequent marriage. This is a wedding not a vow renewal. I believe any one (other than the couple getting married) can host a bridal shower. I think it is a great idea and kind of you to include your future step sister in the planning. I hope this is helpful:)
  • As for invitations, be sure to send them only to people who are invited to the wedding.

  • I would suggest that you ask your mom if she would like to have a shower, and if so, what kind.  Getting her fiancé's daughter involved is a great idea....if the two of you get along well.
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