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We're married!

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And everything went 100% perfectly with no issues at all.   Except when 10 minutes before the ceremony, after everyone had left me alone, DS looked me in the eye, sprouted horns, and defiantly told me "I. am. NOT. going to hold your hand," and, at that point there was no one I could give him to to just let him sit down. Then when I walked down the aisle he did outright refuse to cooperate so I just ignored him while he hid behind me all the way down.   But at least it took the tension of and made everyone laugh.  The weather could not have been more perfect. After two days of wind, rain, and a high of 50 degrees, the sun came out, I have never seen a bigger, bluer sky (and I've lived in CO and NM most of my life) and it was 70 degrees out with zero wind at all.  I bawled all the way through my vows and otherwise am not particularly sure what happened during the day because we were so busy.  I have never been so exhausted as I was by the time we got to our hotel (which by the way, we ended up getting for half the price since they didn't have hot water in our room and the twit working the night shift refused to move us to a different one and instead sent maintenance people to annoy us in the room on our wedding night.  I'll post that full, scathing review later.)

Were of to NOLA tomorrow for our HM and will post pictures when we get back. Good luck to the 11/9 ladies!!!

ETA:  My niece took this picture at the end of our sand ceremony (which DS did cooperate with, no problem) when our celebrant was blessing us as a family and I cannot express just how much I love it!


ETAagain:  and here's our sneak pic from our photographer.



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