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anyone tried the Tiny Teatox?

Is anyone familiar with Your Tea and the Tiny Teatox (  I am against cleanses that force you to eat crazy things or go on a liquid diet (for myself, what other people chose to do with their bodies = their business), but I do commit to a clean eating cleanse every couple of months. I came across this online and thought that it might be right up my alley.  

If anyone has tried it I would love to hear about your experience! 
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Re: anyone tried the Tiny Teatox?

  • if you're eating clean why do you need to 'cleanse" your body every couple of months...? Isn't that the point of clean eating? 

    You have organs in your body that cleanse FOR you. That detox FOR you. Tea is a great way to get extra nutrients into the bod; and the eating plan looks like a basic, wholesome plan. But you need to make sure that you are eating enough calories for your size and activity level. Look up TDEE and calculate how many calories you should be taking in, then adjust accordingly. 

    This tea might be awesome for you, but so are a lot. They are just using diet as a way to advertise. Smart on them.
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