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Mother In-law...

It seems so cliche that I would have this problem, but alas...I'm a pretty introverted person and its very difficult for me to build new relationships, but despite all of that I have been trying my hardest to build one with my FI's mother. This recently became very important to him, so I started putting forth more of an effort. I call and leave messages and a response is very rare. I want her to feel included, which I know is difficult because FI currently lives in WA and we (me and her) are in GA. I invited her to the tasting with the caterer and even planned it around her schedule. This morning I woke up to a text from her (at 6:00 a.m.) requesting that I send her the menu. No hello or good morning, just a demand and that's it. I'm really over her generally cold demeanor toward me and kinda just wanna throw in the towel with this. I don't think she likes me, for reasons I can only assume, and I don't feel like she's as excited as my parents are for us to be getting married. I feel like I'm putting forth all this effort and getting poo in return. I love my FI, and more than anything I want him to be happy...Should I just get over her demeanor and keep extending myself regardless of her behavior?

Re: Mother In-law...

  • TeriBeri06: All the texts I get are pretty much like that, straight to the point & rather blunt. I wouldn't read too much into it other than she has an interest in the wedding.
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