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ordering BM dresses from same dye lot

I'm really struggling with my BM dresses!  One of the girls is going out of the country from January-August of next year.  I wanted to go ahead and pick the dresses so that she could order hers before she leaves.  I've chosen 7 different dresses, all in the same color and length, and am allowing everyone to pick whichever one they like best.  My mom and my wedding planner are really insisting that I order the dresses as a group so that they can come from the same dye lot.  

The dresses are coming from David's and I just don't feel like this is a legitimate concern.  I could see if they were coming from a boutique, but I think that David's dresses are just going to come from a warehouse somewhere and probably not be from the same dye lot anyway.  My mom keeps insisting that she went to a wedding once with red BM dresses that were not all the same shade and that it was a disaster.  My dresses are navy so I'm just not super worried about this being an issue.  

What do I do?  Order the dresses as a group to appease my mom, even though I think it's stupid and a hassle?  I feel ridiculous demanding that everyone choose their dress and send me a check 8 months before the wedding.  Or, do I put my foot down and tell her that everyone will be getting the dresses on their own?      
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Re: ordering BM dresses from same dye lot

  • I have been in weddings where we have ordered our dresses from David's and they were all the same color.  I think they all come from a warehouse and they're pre-dyed.  The other bridesmaids were spread across 3 states, and we didn't all order at the same time, and we had no issues with the colors being different.  I would try calling David's too and see what they say. 

    If you were having them dyed a specific color from some sort of boutique wedding shop, then yeah, I would be a little concerned, but I believe David's has everything on hand in a warehouse to ship out. 

    I hope it works out!!! :)

  • i'm late on this, but just in case you haven't solved this yet: Why not call DB to confirm that it's from their warehouse? Could put everyone's mind at ease.
  • @SteffJay I did check with them and they told me that they don't have dye lots.  I think this is just an old tradition from my mother's era- back when girls ordered fabric and took it to a tailor who made the dresses.  
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  • I don't think this would be an issue with David's. Like you said, this isn't a custom shop - they're just pulling out of a warehouse of mass produced dresses when you place your order. I wouldn't worry about it, especially with the color navy.
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