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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

What is everyone using for this tradition?

Something Old: Six Pence Coin from Ireland (I'm about 1/2 Irish)
Something New: My dress/Shoes
Something Borrowed: Broach Pin from my cousin (she got it from our grandmother who has been married over 55 years)
Something Blue: Garter

Re: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

  • Something Old: The dress
    Something New: Shoes, jewelry
    Something Borrowed: The pearl earring that will go in the top of my ear.
    Something Blue: Garter/Panties ;)
  • My brooch bouquet is all of these things - but to be specific:

    Something Old: brooch pin that belonged to my great-grandmother (whom I never knew)
    Something New: A black rose pin I got at one of the craft stores.
    Something Borrowed: my mom's opal pin
    Something Blue: A blue flower pin from my FMIL that belonged to her mother. 

  • Something Old: My grandmother's pearl earrings that were given to her on her wedding day.
    Something New: My garter
    Something Borrowed: I have my great-grandmother's hankie and my grandmother's pearl necklace
    Something Blue: My shoes : )
  • @dramamonkey...that is SO cool! 
  • Something old: vintage clutch
    Something new: shoes and jewelry
    Something borrowed: vintage hair buttons from an old TK reg
    Something blue: blue locket with my late grandfathers photo in it.


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  • I'm not doing it.
  • Something Old:  A piece of lace from my grandma's wedding dress (on my bouquet)
    Something New:  Chanel "Chance" perfume
    Something Borrowed:  Still working on this one!
    Something Blue:  A blue butterfly temporary tattoo - it's one of those silly things I started with my first girlfriend to get married and has developed into a full blown tradition!
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    OLD and BORROWED: a crystal brooch from my godmother, that I will either put on my bouquet or garter NEW: Dress BLUE: My toenail polish
  • I'm not sure about old, new and borrowed yet, I may just use my dress and veil as the new, if I can't think of anything else.

    Blue: Garter and panties

    with a sixpence in her left shoe (I ordered one off ebay, from 1913!)

    @button6004 I love your something borrowed idea :)


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  • Old: a ring my great grandmother had with gold and diamonds from my grandmothers ring
    New: Dress and shoes
    Borrowed: My mom's black pearl strand
    Blue: Custom sash for my dress
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  • Something Old: my garter
    Something New: my jewelry
    Something Borrowed: nothing yet
    Something Blue: my grandmas pendant and her bow from a dress she had
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  • @flutterfly88 I am glad to see someone else doing the six pence :)
  • before planning my wedding, I didn't know about the sixpence part, it always seems to be left off the poem, but I saw one at DB when I was shopping with my mom for her dress, and liked the idea, didn't buy it b/c FI likes to collect coins, so thought he might have one. He didn't so we ordered one off ebay, and I love that I found a 1913 one :)


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  • Something Old: "Add a Pearl" necklace my parents gave me for my 16th birthday, and my Grandmother's hankie with her first initial embroiderred on it, which is the same as mine, will be wrapped around my bouquet.  she recently passed away, so I thought that would be a wonderful way to keep her with me on the wedding day.
    Something New: My dress
    Something Borrowed: the headband in my hair, borrowed from my sister who wore it in her hair on her wedding day
    Something Blue: Garter & soles of shoes
  • Oh I have another something mom's perfume :) 
  • Something old: my late father's wedding band Something new: pearl earrings hand crafted for me by a dear friend Something borrowed: my niece's wedding gown, made for her by my mother Something blue: garter made by my aunt And a sixpence in my shoe (boot) - my sister bought one many years ago and several brides in the family have used it 18 days left.....woohoo!!!
  • i used 
    old: my grand mothers earnings
    new: Dress and well almost everything
    Borrowed: My sister-in-laws tiara from her wedding
    Blue:  My shoes and my undies
  • Thanks for sharing everyone! I love to see how everyone has something different and a lot of you have special things passed on from your family. 
  • Something Old: Maternal grandma's diamond heart necklace
    Something New: Fiance got me new diamond stud earrings
    Something Borrowed: Paternal grandma's diamond flower ring (borrowed from my aunt)
    Something Blue: Garter
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