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My wedding is still almost 3 weeks away (11/24) and I am constantly checking this board..... 

so what topics to talk about now for those of us who aren't married yet!?


  • I think for those of us who aren't married yet, we are just busy getting things ready. Lately, I've been just finalizing things with vendors and paying my final payments. All of my planning is done and so are my decorations so all that's left to do is get married on 11/23. 

    My programs and place cards are on their way to the house. I just finished putting together my OOT bags this past weekend minus the cookies I ordered to stick in the bags but those are being picked up Wednesday prior. I'll just be picking things up the week of really...I can't think of anything I need to make or order anymore lol.

    Where is everyone else at?
  • I'm just about at the check writing point too... Just trying to nail down those last few people who haven't RSVP'd (STILL). 

    I've got A LOT to do still.... 

    Programs are a work in progress
    Escort cards still not figured out (@southernpeach89 - where are yours from?)
    Have to get the ketubah uncurled. 
    Seating chart is mostly done (see RSVPs above). 
    Starting to work on favors/OOT bags this weekend.
    Need to finish BM gifts. 
    Want to figure out something for FSIL (who is going to be one of our witnesses). 
  • seating chart.. how is everyone putting their's together??

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    Our seating chart ending up pretty easy. We mostly had families that could fill a table. Like Aunt and Uncle and their adult children and their husbands or wives. We debated about going by age or by family but we thought by family would be more comfortable.

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  • What is everyone doing for your nails?
  • @mrspizanotobe - Im painting my own- pink w/gold glitter :)

    Married 11/12/05 ~ Renewed Our Vows 11/9/13. 

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  • One of my bridesmaid's sister is a licensed cosmetologist - she's going to do my nails - along with MOB, MOG, and all four BMs 

    I like this:

    and this: 
  • @dramamonkey- I ordered my escorts from Etsy. There are a bunch of different styles on there but I chose a pretty simple ivory card with FI's and my new monogram on it. We are sticking the card into a wine cork once they arrive.
  • My escort cards are from wedding paper divas. I like them!
  • Are you all handwriting them or are they printable? 
  • I posted a thread on hair ;)

    Im not having escort cards but if i did, id hand write them. 
    Married 11/12/05 ~ Renewed Our Vows 11/9/13. 

    "The LORD will fight for you, you need only be still."

  • I hand wrote mine with a glittery gold pen and to denote the entree choice I used a little stamp of a cow, a fish or a carrot.
  • The girl who I ordered them from on Etsy is printing them for us. 
  • I am thinking something like this:

  • I'm doing French gel nails and just getting french on my toes... nothing special.
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