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Garden Ceremony in Buffalo

I have had a terrible time trying to find an outdoor ceremony location in downtown Buffalo...We are looking at having an intimate ceremony, preferably in a pretty garden. We are willing to travel a bit outside the city, if the venue fits. Any suggestions?


Re: Garden Ceremony in Buffalo

  • The Botanical Gardens does weddings outside - my friend got married there and it was gorgeous.
  • I've been to an outdoor ceremony and reception at the Butler Mansion on Delaware Ave.  I think it's called the Jacobs Center now and is owned by UB.  It was beautiful!!  Here are lots of options... 

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  • Thank you! The Butler Mansion is my #1 pick but we only want our ceremony there. The only thing stopping me is their $3,000 minimum + the ceremony fee (they require you to do some sort of cocktail hour). And the botanical gardens is too far for us (we want it in the city).
  • The botanical gardens is also an absolute fortune--I don't remember the exact price I was quoted, but all I wrote in my planning book under cost for that place was "ridiculously expensive!!!!!!!!!" so that's not a great sign. :)  I loved the Butler Mansion too but they can only accomodate about 130 people for a seated reception, which was too small for us.  What about the Delaware Park Rose Garden?  I think it might be a little pricey too, but it's definitely a very pretty spot!

  • Delaware Park Rose Garden maybe...

  • Last I knew, I may be wrong at this point, the garden was available for weddings, but the Marcy Casino is no longer hosting receptions. The beaver island club house is pretty, but pricey. Kotckeis is stunning and seems to be one of the more econimical options. The problem with being RIGHT n the city, is that many of the places youd think of have exclusive catering rights, and require a downpayment to the county
  • Samuels' has a really nice garden area. 
  • Aimee do you have any more pricing info on the butler mansion?
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    [QUOTE]Aimee do you have any more pricing info on the butler mansion?
    Posted by MrsPeterson86[/QUOTE]

    I just sent you a PM
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  • hi all!  i am having the same dilemma right now-- trying to find an outdoor ceremony location in downtown buffalo.  as of right now, we're leaning towards the rose gardens because it's not outrageously expensive and they can accommodate all of our guests (somewhere between 150- 200). 

    however, i was wondering if anyone else has come across other options?  i recently saw photos of a wedding at the butler mansion and it looks incredible!  do you have to have your reception there? 

    thanks for your help!

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