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Hello! I'm looking for a wedding photographer in the Omaha area that won't break the bank. My parents want to stay around $2000, but I'm having trouble finding what I want in this price range. I love the vintage, photojournalistic style of Amanda Kohler and Triniti Jensen, but can't afford them. Any suggestions of photographers with similar styles?


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  • We booked Trott Photography for our wedding and engagement photos. She charges $200 an hour with full day coverage of your wedding for like $1800 - we only think we need her for 6 hour so it was very budget friendly for us. She is great though! We just got our engagement pictures back from her and they're all amazing - it's going to be difficult to pick just one for the save the dates. Here is her website: and Facebook: 
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    Hannah Badeer

    Daniel Dunlap.
    I think he is based out of Iowa, but he did some AMAZING photos for a friend's wedding.

    We are using Matthew Houska Photography.  I'm not sure if he's 100% your style, but he has a lot of experience and has some cool techniques with lighting.  (That, and his pricing was reasonable, in my opinion)


  • I also second, Hannah Badeer! I looked long and hard for a photographer that was not going to cost me a ton, but at the same time did amazing work! Triniti Jensen actually recommended Hannah to me as well. She does not have a website, but she does have a FaceBook page. She charges $1300 (if you want the engagement phots included which we did not, it is $1500). That is for ALL DAY coverage (no limits at all!), two photographers, and she said we will end up with about 2000 or more pictures both in color and black and white. We met her and we both loved her! We know she will fit in great with our wedding day. She truly does amazing work and I am so happy we found her! Good luck!


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