What is up for finding a reception venue in Omaha?  I think I have clicked on just about every website and none of them are very inspirational (and there is almost no information on the websites...).  I feel like I have just been trying to get information via e-mail, and even that isn't very good.  So, where are the best places to have a wedding reception?  Ready...GO!

Re: Venue

  • I'm with you girl! Will be checking back here for insights! :)
  • I didn't want to have mine at a gathering "hall" or anything, just not my style.  I actually booked Soaring Wings Vineyard in Springfield for my ceremony and reception.  They have both indoor and outdoor spaces, which are fabulous.  And they're inexpensive.  I know it's outside of Omaha, but not really all that far. 

    Some unique places that I stumbled on during my search was Lucille's in the Old Market--very nice, but a little outside of my budget.  I have heard there have been beautiful receptions at the Hot Shops in north downtown as well.  The Om Center downtown is a really neat space too, but will only work if you have a smaller guest list.  I have been to receptions at both Scoular Ballroom and Lauritzen Gardens and they were beautiful as well.


    I hope this helps you! 

  • What kind of place are you looking for? We looked at booking the lodge at Mahoney State Park because it is very budget friendly but it is small if you're holding a larger wedding. We also looked at The Living Room downtown - which we loved. Some art galleries in the Old Market also rent out space for receptions. 

    We ended up booking 1316 Jones. It's beautiful when you go see it in person and you get a nice space inside and a huge deck outside. It's perfect for the style we were looking for.
  • My reception is at St. John Vianney Catholic Church in their social hall. They have pictures on their website as well which I think is The hall is gorgeous and big! The cost is $1250, including bartenders and security (which most halls charge extra for), and you can bring in your own food and alcohol. It also seats up to 320 people. Good luck to you in finding your venue!


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