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Counting on our fingers

Nov 16 ladies, our count will now fit on our fingers, 9 days to go! Anyone feeling the crunch yet? What left do you have to do, and what do your wedding week plans look like?

We still have to finalize ceremony details, print the programs, finish our favours, finish getting the bp thank you gifts, make our cake, finalize our day of timeline, finalize getting he insurance for the hall, and send in final payments to vendors. Other than that I think we're all set.

I've already got the coming week's plan set in my mind, we'll see how well I stick to it. Friday will be my last day of work, than I'm off until after the honeymoon. Sunday is my bachelorette party, Monday I will be boxing up our favours. Tuesday is FI's and mine last date, and FI's bday. We're going to the driving range to relieve stress, than out for lunch and then going to catch an early movie. After that it'll be family dinner at FI's house for his bday. Wednesday we are baking the cake, and hopefully dirty icing most of it. Thursday we'll cover it with fondant, and decorate the individual layers. Thursday night is mani and pedis with my bridesmaids, my mom and my flower girls. Friday morning is decorating the hall, and Friday night is rehearsal, followed by dinner, that FI's parents have generously offered to cater since it's grown from the 20ish people at first, to almost double that. Friday night my sis is sleeping over, an Saturday is the wedding! Hopefully everything stays on track, and we'll be sitting pretty :D


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Re: Counting on our fingers

  • wow you are so organize.. yes!! 9 days.. I need to print and assemble the programs, I need to type up the seating chart and get that printed out. I need to print out the table numbers and buy the frames for those..I have the final walk through with the wedding planner on Monday morning. Just got to pay the final vendors this weekend :) thank God.. pick up my dress tomorrow..

    Next week...that timeline isnt so planned out.. but

    I know I will get my hair done on tuesday, pick up the License on tuesday, wednesday clean up the house, maybe thursday get my nails done, and everything else is kind of up in the air which is not good.. but oh in the home stretch now.. :)

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
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