song for a family dance

quick story: my FMIL does not dance well and is rather self conscious about it (I told her there didn't have to be a son/mom dance, it's not something I or my Fi personally have strong feelings about but she wants to do one despite the aforementioned reasons which is OK too) so we've come up with the idea of doing a family dance with my Fi dancing with his mom, I'll dance with his dad, then my parents, all our grand parents (as able) and brothers and sisters nieces nephews etc with their respective SOs.  There would be a rough total of 26 people on the dance floor which would take the spotlight off of them directly but they still get to do a special dance together. I need to come up with a relatively slow appropriate song that is preferably not too long. Any suggestions? 

Re: song for a family dance

  • In my life - Beatles, Child of Mine - Carole King, How Sweet it Is - James Taylor, Have a Little Faith in Me - John Hiatt, What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
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