Out of Town Guest Bags

We are getting married in Carlisle, but have many, many out of town guests coming.  We would like to do welcome bags for the hotels, but would like some suggestions for what to include.  Any Carlisle/Central PA ideas?  Hershey chocolate and Utz chips are the only thing we can come up with so far!

Re: Out of Town Guest Bags

  • A-Treat sodas are more from the Allentown area, but I love all the different flavors 
    PA Dutch brand birch beer
    Martin's chips or pretzels
    Shuey's pretzels
    If your guests drink-a local beer like Victory or Yuengling
    whoopie pies
    apple butter
    mini shoo-fly pies
    Wilbur Chocolates
    Wine from Clover Hill or Mt Hope Winery
    If you can get to Lebanon, Wertz's candy stores makes the best homemade caramels. 
  • A bottle of H2o and travel packs of asprin were a godsend at a wedding we attended in January.. so what if we might have drank a bit to much.. lol:)
  • great list!  :)

    Add some Turkey Hill Iced Tea!
  • Include a list of your favorite local restaurants and attractions!
  • I'm also including a brochure that includes a welcome/thank you letter from us, locations of the nearest atm/24 hour pharmacy/starbucks/gas station, the itinenary for the day and a wedding themed tic tac toe board (to fill space) but also to give our guests something to do in the room!
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