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August 2012 Weddings

Wedding Day Gift for Husband

Inspired by my month board, I was wondering what kinds of gift(s) you are planning on giving your FI on your wedding day/what gift(s) you gave your husband on your wedding day? I am thinking I may want to get him a piece of jewelry, but I'm not sure yet.


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Re: Wedding Day Gift for Husband

  • I got him a nice Citizen watch from kay to give him the morning of. He will be able to wear it for the wedding and then on a regular basis after that!
  • Thanks! :] lol I just realized I meant to post this on my state board and posted it here. I hadn't thought about this until I saw the previous thread.

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  • I'm planning to get FI a pair of cufflinks he can wear for the wedding. He's really into video games so there are a few Zelda ones on Etsy I've been eyeing. I considered a watch but he doesn't like them and won't wear it.
  • Got him a Playstation (as a joint birthday gift, too.)
  • Umm, I have no clue what to get FI.. He is very difficult to shop for!  He'd rather have me get him socks or boxers, or get something we both enjoy.. I want to splurge a little on him but he never tells me what he wants!! 
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  • I think I'm going to do boudoir photos... if I can work up the nerve to do it. We'll see! 
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  • I'm thinking an embroidered handkerchief, and a flask. Not original, but we're both really traditional.
  • I just put together my boudoir album tonite!  It'll be waiting for him at the hotel when he checks in the day of the wedding.  And our second photographer will be there to capture his expression (hopefully)
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  •  I have NO IDEA what to get fiance. I would have done a really nice watch but I got him one two years ago when he came back from deployment. I had it engraved with the date and I love you, it ws a nice bvlgari watch and he loves to wear it when we dress up and go out for dinner or whatever.
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  • I'm planning to do a book of boudoir photos... I figured it would be something no one else could ever get him and it would be something special between the two of us...
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  • Well I thought I would have something to add to this thread but my ideas were already shared lol. I agree with PPs.....cufflinks or boudoiur photos are cool. I was thinking about cufflinks (they have NFL ones and FI is a big football fan-was going to get the kind from our local fb team) and/or boudoiur photobook. I like the watch idea as well.

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  • Cufflinks, watches and wallets can be one of the best gifts you can give to him. 
    Recently, I purchased great cufflink for myself from unicuffs. 
    Check these out: http://goo.gl/RAxCNH
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