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Ceremony and Vow Ideas


jxx1919jxx1919 member
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Hi Everyone,

So I am starting to think of ideas in regards to wedding programs. Well, I've actually already decided I'm going to go with "fan" programs, but I honestly don't know how many to make! We're going to have about 200 guests after all is said and done (I assume this because we're inviting about 275! :-/ ) and I'm working on ordering the supplies for them, but I am at a loss when it comes to quantity of things. Anyone out there know how I should go about this?


Re: Programs

  • kitty8403kitty8403 member
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    What is a "fan program"? What I'm picturing is a paper program folded like a fan.

    ETA: you cannot assume 75 guests will decline if they haven't RSVPd, so plan for the full group until you hear otherwise. I don't see why every guest needs a program individually. Maybe try estimating one per couple?
  • It's a fan made out of paper and giant popsicle sticks. We're getting married in the middle of the summer, so I figured it was a smart idea :)

    I was actually told the opposite of what you're telling me from my wedding planner and the coordinator at the venue. I don't know. I guess it doesn't matter how many people are actually there, I guess I kind of just need an estimate for how many to make. I like your idea of one per couple... that would make the most sense. I just don't want to go overboard and have a ton of extra programs that no one used...

    thanks for the suggestion!! :)
  • I would say make a majority of them and then finish the rest once you have a final count. No RSVP number is certain. We invited 200 guests and today was our RSVP by date. The mail just ran and we are at 105 guests. We do have two famiies waiting to see if their babies are born so those will be added at the latest we can.

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  • I have "heard" the decline rate is about 10% (so for you that would only be 27.5 guests), but you should never bank of that- bank on full attendance. There are horror stories of B&Gs over-inviting and getting full attendance. 

    Whether people decline depends on many factors, such as time of year and location (do people need to travel). We have a fair portion of OOT guests- mostly all friends (we are getting married where our families live), many of whom are in or just finished school, who are unable to attend due to finances. But so far everyone in the area of our wedding is looking like 100% attendance. 

    Anyway.... I would estimate one program per couple. You probably will have a few left over (also not everyone takes a program, or keeps it after the end of the night). You can decide to trash/recycle those, or perhaps family members would like to keep one as a keepsake? I keep programs. 

    Your other option would be to have a sign with the main program points (times/locations and names of the WP) on it instead of individual programs. 
  • Make at least 250.

  • I would do one per person, not couple.  If it's hot out both people may want to fan themselves off.  
  • Actually that's a good point- I forgot the part about how you were making them into fans. I was thinking of a standard program, in which case I'd make one per couple, but if you are making fans for guests to use, then have one for everybody. 
  • We're doing the fan programs as well.  We expect 120 guests, and I ordered supplies for 100.  Our stationaire who did our invites suggested 1 per couple, but we went a little above that since we'll be outside.  

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