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Texas- Catering without delivery

I am wanting to find somewhere that will allow me to pick up (or have someone pick up) the food for my guests the day of, and reheat at our venue. I am getting married in Canton TX on some family land, and I find a lot of people will not deliver that way, or charge an arm and a leg for delivery.

My question is, Has anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area ever ordered food and picked it up for their wedding?


Re: Texas- Catering without delivery

  • I highly doubt any reputable caterer will do this, sorry.

    Improper food temperatures (caused by improper cooling and reheating) is a recipe for food poisoning.
  • Yeah, I thought so.... I mean, I know that a lot of places will do this for parties... But for some reason it seems to be different for weddings.

    Well thank you, I guess we'll have to talk about doing it the right way.
  • I could see a restaurant doing it this way for takeout. Especially Italian, Mexican or Indian restaurants that can pretty easily make you a big tray of lasagna, tacos, or curry. Caterers, by definition, bring food to you, so think outside the caterer box.
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    We have a specialty grocery store in our area (it's an Italian store) and they will make up fresh trays of lasagna, eggplant parmesan, etc. and they put reheating instructions on it and give it to you in aluminum trays. We use it for parties all the time. Maybe look at something like that from a store rather than a restaurant. 
  • There are lots of places that do stuff like this - you fill out a catering form and go pick up your food. Once it leaves their property, they're not liable for mishaps (they'll probably make you sign something so you don't sue them). 

    Check into restuarants you like and ask if they do this. Many chains have this as an option.

  • Oh my gosh, I didnt even think of this, Thanks guys! :)
  • Please make sure you can heat the food properly! Don't make yourself or your guests ill.
  • Thank you. We aren't reheating so much as keeping the food warm :) We decided to order out from one of our favorite places, thanks for that suggestion guys!
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