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I am not even sure how to handle some of the crap that is being thrown my way.  Last night was birthday party #2 (yes #2) for my FSIL's son.  While at my FFIL's house, my future Aunts-in-law were there and we were discussing the wedding.  I was asked that Grandmom be sat with either Aunt 1 or Aunt 2.  I told them that I would make sure that Grandma was with someone from the immediate family so she isn't with a bunch of strangers.  I then said that I originally wanted all parents and grandparents to sit at one table (Table sits 10 so my parents, FI's mom & boyfriend, FI's Dad & Step-Mother, and FI's Grandmother) but FMIL threw a hissy fit saying she didn't want to sit near FI's father and step-mother.  She has bad blood against both of them and refuses to sit with them.  I understand how she feels as I was told what happened to them by FI.  While his Aunts AND Grandmother both say that they should be able to put it aside for one day and sit at the same table.  I told them that I agree, but I didn't see it happening as his mom is dead set in her ways.  With that being said, FI's Aunt #1 said "I think you should place her at a table on the opposite side of the room." I told her I was planning to but felt bad.  

On top of it all, FSIL is saying she wants to sit with her Mom & Mom's boyfriend.  I told her that the bridal party and their significant others would be split between 2 tables.  She asked why I was doing that and I said that I wasn't going to do a head table and that 2 tables of 10 (we have a pretty big wedding party) would be better so that those bridal party members with SO's/Husbands/Wives/Fi's could all sit together.  She didn't like that answer and said she'd be sitting with her mom.  I don't know how to tell her that I'd like the bridal party to sit together, etc.  Why does FI's sister and Mother both have to be so demanding?  Maybe I'm just over-reacting and once the day comes everything will fall into place... 

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Need 8 adults to make minimum.  Eek.

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