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Hair and Make Up Recommendations

Any people you can recommend that will come to your location for hair and make up?  It doesn't need to be the same person or group, I'm just looking for both and I'm in Mercer county if that helps!

Thanks for the references. 


Re: Hair and Make Up Recommendations

  • I had my trial makeup with Michelle Rivera of TrueButterfleyes last week. I was really pleased and will be using her for my makeup. I've also heard great things about Michelle Surgent and her team at Pink Comb Salon. They're based out of Westfield but provide on-site services as well.
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  • @silver0319 thank you I will look into them!


  • I had a trial with Michelle Rivera of TrueButterfleyes and while she was nice, she did the complete opposite of what I was looking for (desipte showing her pictures)! I looked like I was aged 20 years and was too embarrassed to show my fiancé or family my face. Unfortunately, I have not found anyone yet that does natural makeup. I will probably do it myself. 

    I'm contemplating checking out I Do Your Hair and Makeup in Westfield but have been hesitant since my trial fiasco. 


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    For my hair I am using Imana Hair Salon in Nutley.  She knew exactly what I wanted without me showing her a picture.  I showed her a picture when she was halfway done just because she wanted to make sure she was on the right track.

    For makeup, I am using a friend who does makeup professionally.  She did my engagement photos and I loved that I looked like myself.  @1cutecruisecouple she knew that I didn't wear tons of makeup everyday and that I wanted a natural look, she nailed it.  PM me if you want her info!

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  • After tries with 3 makeup artists that were really expensive and not exactly what I wanted (one made me look way older too!) I booked Amy Jones, who works independently. She's done my makeup several times since and just did my sister's wedding last week. Her email is Amymojones at
  • My sister used Melissa Cebula last month and I just booked her for my May wedding, too. She works independently. We were all thrilled with her work. I believe she lives in Mercer County although she travels. PM me if you want her info.
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    My MUA was Jillyan Scarpa from Skin Bar and Paint in Little Falls (I traveled to her for trials and she traveled to me in South Jersey on the day of my wedding, no extra cost). She was fantastic and I highly recommend her. 

  • I am using bridal by michele. I am on mobil so I dont know when your wedding is but she is doing my wedding. My friend used her 3 years ago and she managed to get my hair to curl for the entire day which is nearly a miracle.
    The reason your wedding date is a factor is because she just had surgery and wont be doing weddings until March. I called her today about my wedding and she cant even do my trial until february.
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  • If you still need recommendations, I have 1 girl I use for my hair and makeup all the time that is excellent. PM me as I only have her cell and don't want to post it
  • I have my hair and makeup trial this coming Saturday at Donna's Hair Salon in Ewing, NJ.  They offer both hair/makeup services at their location.  I'm not sure if they will travel to you, but I can find out and let you know.  They aren't super expensive from what I can gather.  My trial and day of price are the same $110 for both, not including tip.

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  • That special day hair by Jeana is who I am using for Hair [email protected]

    (973)454-3994 instagram @jeanarivas

    and Dona Massa for Make Up [email protected] (201) 563-6299 this is the 2nd time I am using Dona for wedding make up and she has done my make up a ton of times and did my friends wedding as well after me.
  • Makeup - Allison Corneley (you can look her up on this site).
    She's done my makeup for two events - both a different look. She is a true artist and will listen to what you want and will make it happen. 

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  • is awesome. Cristina did my friend's wedding last year and will be doing mine in August! Her team is wonderful. They airbrush too! 
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