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Been engaged for a month and i already got a planner book, is it to soon to book the church, venue?

I just got engaged in Septemeber wedding wont be for another year and a half me and my fiance seem to be covering all the costs is it too soon to book the church and venue? Is it too soon to start buying stuff for the reception? im wedding crazy even though my wedding is set for May 16, 2015

Re: Been engaged for a month and i already got a planner book, is it to soon to book the church, venue?

  • FI and I are thinking about our wedding around the same time! We're waiting until next spring to start planning as we live in a small area. We have started thinking about what we want but holding off on the rest. I'd say it depends on where you live. If things book up fast, consider looking into venues, etc. But I would hold off on buying decorations until closer to/venue is booked as your ideas may change.
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    That is so awesome, I also got engaged in September, and we are also getting married on May 16, 2015 lol! I would say depending on where you live, like the poster above stated, you can start looking at and booking venues. We have been going on appointments since last month to view venues, and are close to booking. I would like to book our venue by the end of the year. We live in NYC, therefore venues book far in advance. As for buying things for the reception, I would say hold off in case you change your mind, or something else comes along, or a new trend starts. The way I see it , booking the venue is the most important part, and then everything else will eventually fall into place.


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    Its not to early.  Depending on the area you want to get married in/live in, things may very well book up quickly.  I booked my venue at 22 months out because here in Jersey, things book up at least two years in advance.

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  • As long as you have a set budget and guest list, I don't think it's too early. Hold off on more trivial things (flowers, dress, decor, etc.) in case you change your mind. FI and I booked our venues about a year and a half out. 

    But seriously - don't buy small things until you have a set budget and vision. Otherwise, you'll end up wasting money. Look at the big stuff! Start researching food, flowers, dresses, etc. and then look to book in the next few months. 
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    I got engaged this past Labor Day, and the wedding isn't until 2016. I visited a reception a couple days ago with my mom, and they said that most places around the suburbs of Chicago book up to a year in advanced. You can visit places, but keep in mind that prices may go up a little. 

    The woman that was showing me the reception to just add $5 to each price listing since prices would be higher in 2015, let alone 2016. 

    I already bought a dress that I love, but I got it at a store that was closing so it was a great deal. Just be aware that your style might change between now and in a year and a half!
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  • I'm in a similar boat!  Engaged in October, getting married May 8th, 2015.  My fiance and I have been throwing ideas back and forth, and we're doing our first walk through this coming Monday.  The way I see it, if it would stress you out more to not have the big things (venue, church) set; then you don't have to wait to book those.  Also, once you know your venue, it's much easier to collect ideas for what would fit the space best.  Good luck!
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  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall
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    Definitely don't buy small things until you have a budget and are 100% certain of what you're wanting. It's fine to book venues and vendors. They book up fast. 
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