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Hello VT Ladies-

I am a married NH Bride, but My best friend is getting married in Stowe VT next June, and I am trying to be her helpful MOH.
I was wondering if you could help with a listing of your preferred photographers :o)  She is on a budget of (I think) 2K or less

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!!

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Re: Photographers

  • ally91ally91 member
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    It's really tough to find photographers that cheap here, if you want something good. I went through my dj, I'll let you know in two weeks how they turn out!

    My friend is a photographer and she's done a few weddings, Clear Prospective Photography (her name is Kristin) so that's another option.

    (Too bad vendors aren't allowed on here because in cases like this it might be useful! Even if a user could say, hey, I'll do it!)

    Soon-to-be Mrs. Kent
  • I agree, our photographers really aren't cheap.

    Mine is costing us 2K for the package we got (she has cheaper packages though).  She's a professional in the Burlington area.  If you would like I can PM you with a link to her website.

    Another thing to consider:  There are a lot of colleges in the area that may have excellent photography students.  That might be a route worth looking into.

    Good luck in the search!  Let me know if you want me to PM the website to you!

  • Ben Hudson! (http://www.benhudsonphotography.com/)  His work is awesome, he is very professional, and very reasonably priced.  He was the photographer at my wedding a few weeks ago.
  • Luv2Cook27Luv2Cook27 member
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    Hello Ladies - I forgot I asked this question :)

    Thank you for your responses!  It is greatly appreciated.  I just found out that her budget is 3K or less.  I think that extra $$ probably opens up the options a little bit :)

    Any other recommendations are welcome!!

     @wittykitty14 ; - if you would not mind sending a PM for the website, that would be awesome!

    Thanks again!
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  • We just booked LHM Images. She does great work (her name is Lindsey Miller). She doesn't have a website outside of Facebook so search for LHM images there. She did work for Sears in Rutland for a while until they closed and has started her own business in the last year or so. She is charging us $150 for the day including disk. She doesn't want to charge more then that because she is just starting out. Her work is great. We cancelled with a photographer that was going to charge us 1000 to go with her....and her work a just as good!
  • My friend used 21summit Studios and got a deal within your budget range- but the quality is comparable to photographers twice the price! Highly recommended.... good luck :)

  • I am getting married in vt and on the hunt for a photographer at $2,000 or less.  Could you kindly recommend yours?  I would appreciate any help and advice. I need some guidance with photos and flowers.  Thank you, Vanna
  • Vanna,
    Check out Addie Eshelman Photography, she's amazing!!!
  • There is a facebook site called wedding recycle in Vermont, they allow vendors to post on it. It is a great way to find inexpensive stuff for your wedding and get access to a large array of vendors that are less know than ones on this site. I am in the process of booking with Raiche Photography. Very reasonable. She is on facebook and has a website. http://raichephotography.webs.com/. her packages include much more than other vendors I spoke to who wanted to charge 3x as much.
  • TheksopTheksop member
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    I booked Ben Hudson - I'm so excited. And when I look through his photos on his site, now, I imagine how very soon I will have a set of photos like that with ME and my FIANCE and MY friends and loved ones in them! How exciting!!!!  He's not cheap, but he seems like you get some good bang for your buck.
  • We hired LHM images. She's going up in the hot air balloon with us! I'm very excited.
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