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Two showers & a bachelorette party in the same weekend??

I'm new here, but am a frequent Bump user. My older sister and I are looking to plan two bridal showers and a bachelorette party. Our brother and other sister are both getting married within a month of one another. I'm looking for advice/etiquette/telling me I'm crazy. Our sister will be traveling across the country for the shower (4ish hr flight) so we were hoping to do the shower and bachelorette party the same day. Brunch shower then evening bachelorette party. We are NOT expecting people to spend a whole day celebrating her. The bachelorette will only be bride and bridesmaids. We also are throwing a shower for our soon to be SIL. Both showers (sister and SIL) will have the same guest list, with exception of SILs mom. Is it rude to do a joint shower? We didn't know which was worse joint shower or inviting the exact same group of women to two different showers. Are we crazy to try to pull off a joint shower and bachelorette party in the same day? TIA for your help and let me know if I need to clarify anything.

Re: Two showers & a bachelorette party in the same weekend??

  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    I would not want a joint shower because I wouldn't want to share that with someone else (sorry if that sounds selfish).  I think it is perfectly fine to have two different showers for two different women even if the guests will probably be the same.  Also, I don't find an issue with having a brunch shower for your sister then a bachelorette party later that night.
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    Have you run this by the VIPs? 

    As a guest, I  would prefer the joint shower, rather than two showers in one weekend. I think you might find the guests cutting out of the second shower early, since they've all just seen each other the day before. Doing the showers together will also save money, time, effort for the hosts. I don't see any etiquette issues with this option. 

    If the brides feel the same a doeydo does, that they don't want to share the spotlight, then two different weekends may work better, even if it means the out of state bride won't be able to return for the other bride's shower. 

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