Affordable Videographers?

Hi ladies -

Any suggestions for videographers in the Portland area that won't break the budget?  Thanks in advance!

Re: Affordable Videographers?

  • It depends on your type budget. Cheap to you can mean something different to me. I am on a budget but I'm splurging on my photographer/videographer. After everything is said and done, the only thing you will have is the photos/video and you want someone to do it right. I looked and looked for the best/cheapest but didn't find anyone that I thought was great. My friend recommended her sisters photographer, DD Pro Imaging. ( I loved their photos that they post on FB and follow them and get ideas from them for my wedding. I am paying around $2500.00 for my photos plus I get all rights and I get a photo album and some prints with it. Look them up. Good luck. 
  • Not sure what your budget is but my friend used 21summit Studios and her videos came out INCREDIBLE! Compares to the quality of videos that are usually double the price but these guys offer really good deals. Good luck :)

  • or are both under $1k I think.
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