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"Meeting of the 'Other' Family" Brunch - advice needed!

My grandmother is going to host a "meeting of the families"/celebration of the engagement type brunch for me and my fiancee's families but she is wanting my advice and opinions. Besides sending out invitations and any decor/food she plans to have, are there any "activities" and/or advice you ladies can think of? Neither side of our families have met before and I'm afraid it will be rather awkward. I want to make it easy on my grandmother who is doing all the food and hosting duties by providing any help I can give her...Thoughts? ideas? 

Re: "Meeting of the 'Other' Family" Brunch - advice needed!

  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    I think just having good food and drinks (not necessarily alcoholic) will be fine.  People can mingle and talk to each other.  If you are newly engaged, that will be a big topic of conversation, people looking at the ring, asking how he proposed, etc.
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    Don't do "activities."  I think they will only contribute to any "awkwardness" that you might be feeling.

    Instead, just have good food and drinks, as @doeydo suggests, and if someone brings up a topic that of conversation that for whatever reason is sensitive, try and steer the conversation away from it.
  • Okay, thanks ladies! :)

  • I think food and drinks are plenty. Adults don't need planned activities or games. 

    I've gone to one party like this where they had photo albums and framed photos of the two of them from their early years and then the two of them together. It provided for good ice breakers in conversation between the two sides - and it's not "forced fun".

  • I had a casual family/bridal party cook-out. Like your grandmother, I thought it would be good for the parents & siblings to meet before the wedding. We added the Bridal Party too because it would give them all a chance to meet each other in a relaxed setting, not just at the rehersal dinner. The only activity we had was corn hole and that was because most of our family and friends enjoy playing it and it was a cookout. Everyone seemed to mingle well on their own and find things in common.
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