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Las Vegas Wedding! October 2014

Hey Knotties!

I am looking to do a FUN Las Vegas wedding in Oct 2014. DO NOT want touristy, impersonators, none of that. I actually would LOVE to have a romantic, beautiful, breathtaking, rustic wedding. Something vintage-y, craft, cute and flawless. 

Having trouble finding photos of ballroom receptions at the Mandalay Bay... I am considering having the reception off-strip..not sure yet! Really leaning towards ceremony at Mandalay Bay - Valley of Falls

Re: Las Vegas Wedding! October 2014

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    I would check out the local las vegas board. 
  • I was just there to do a scouting trip!! How can I help????
  • I'm getting married 10/18/14 - I current have my deposit at the Mandalay Bay Chapel. At 1st I wanted Valley of the Falls based on pictures. I am sure glad I went and looked for myself. The Valley is on the corner of a intersection!!! Yes, it's pretty but umm, hello honking horns and if you are getting married on a Sat. afternoon. I just didn't like the idea. However I did like the Chapel Room which thank god because I had put down money already to hold the date!! If you want off strip - Try Platinum - I can tell you now the dates they have open in Oct are 10/10, 10/25, 10/19.
  • Oh and romantic if you wanna spend the $$$$ go to Bellagio!!  It's ridiculously romantic
  • Where is that board? 
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