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Any AHS Discussions? Some Spoilers

Wowza...dead lady dressup, zombies, second sight, burnt witches, resurrection, new supremage?


Re: Any AHS Discussions? Some Spoilers

  • H and I DVR this and watch it every week.  I have to be sure to delete it so my kids don't accidentally watch it!  Love this show!  I have two questions:

    What happened to the kid they sewed back together after he bashed his mothers' head in?  He just wandered off?  Sort of a loose end, in my opinion.

    What about Fiona's daughter in the hospital, are they going to write her off?  Who did that to her?  It wasn't the redheaded witch, I thought maybe one of Angela Basset's minions??
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  • I'm in.

    Poor, poor Cordelia.  I think some revenge is in order.

    Fiona sure put on a show to get Myrtle out of her way.  We don't know who the real acid-thrower is, do we?  I assumed Marie Laveau was to blame but she was busy with the zombies attacking the house.


  • I think kyle wandered off and will return....of course in some really weird capacity.  He'll save the chick at some point.

    Not sure about the acid attack, we are lead to believe it was Angela Basset's folks, but you never know....I am sure the daughter will remain, as she now has a new "power".

    Gah, I hate how the plot changes how you view someone from episode to episode.  Who am I kidding?  That makes it an awesome show.
  • @radleyboo - have you seen the previous seasons of AHS? You definitely learn not to write anyone off on the show.

    Question:  Fiona was threatened by Madison's looks more than her power and got rid of her, but now that we are shown how powerful Zoe is, will Fiona go after her?

  • I saw a few episodes of Asylum, but didn't watch faithfully.  I love the Coven storyline.

    I think she will go after Zoe, I think she'll go after anyone who threatens her, regardless of who they are.  However, I think Zoe will prove a much more formidable foe.  She's just now realizing her own potential.  

    Question:  What's with the chick in the desert?  
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  • Do you mean Misty Day?  Her power is resurgence.  She was actually burned at the stake after someone witnessed her resurrecting a bird.  She lives in the swamps and helped Zoe heal Kyle.

  • @radleyboo The chick in the desert is the burnt witch.  Or are you talking the hippie chick?  Because that's Misty, the witch who was burnt at the stake for resurrection....or necromancy.  She obviously brought Myrtle back to life (back to reality)
  • Yes, I was asking about Misty.  I guess I'm just not clear on her backstory.  The burning at the stake scene was awesome/horrible.  The song they used brings me back to 'Dazed and Confused'.  
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  • @tawillers I would imagine that Zoe is so internal and private that she will discover her powers through sneakery and such.  Thus not attracting any attention from Fiona until it's TOO LATE  *dundundunnnnn*
  • I love that you actually feel badly for Mme. LaLaurie, despite her being a totally horrible person.
  • Another random thought...

    WTF with the Tongue-Less Butler with the dolls and the tea set and dead Madison in a trunk?!?!  What 'exactly' does he intend to do with her?  I get that he sees her as a younger Fiona and clearly has an obsession with both, but where is that going?  

    And there is no way that smell wouldn't creep into the hallway, I don't care how much Lysol one has.  True story-an old friend lived in a renovated historic home that had been converted into 4 apartments.  There was a weird/horrible smell permeating the place for a couple of days, and she came home from work one night to find the police and an ambulance there taking her dead upstairs neighbor out on a gurney.  He had actually strangled himself during some sort of asphyxiation during masturbation.  Can't make this shit up.  
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  • Great episode last night, anyone else watch?  

    Ok, so, Fiona has cancer?  How did I miss that?  I was surprised by that development.  
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  • That was some weird mess last night, and you know I FF'ed through the most of the dark stuff. I think I only saw about 30 minutes of it.
  •  Watching now.

  • Fiona's cancer was revealed in the episode where she killed Madison.

    I thought last night was great. And I wonder if the Ax Man will return. And SHOCKING about Cordelia's husband. That was *NOT* what I was expecting.
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    Yes! I actually watched it last night. Great episode. Holy shizz regarding delia's husband...dude is screwed.

    And previews for upcoming episodes foretell some romantic liaisons between fiona and axe man.
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