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It's True What They Say...and Other Unsolicited Advice

I'm sure you've heard it before, but make sure to take a lot small moments to check in with your hubby (and yourself) to appreciate what's going on throughout your wedding day.  My husband made a point of grabbing my hand, putting his head next to mine, and saying "take a moment" throughout the reception.  Out of everything that happened on our wedding day, those moments are the ones I remember most clearly because we stopped what we were doing and just made memories.

Good luck to all your gorgeous November brides!
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Re: It's True What They Say...and Other Unsolicited Advice

  • I forgot to do that during our reception and regret it.

    However, think my favorite memory of the day was when we were doing our wedding pictures alone.  Our photographer had us go out the front of our venue and cross just to the other side of the two lane highway so she could get pictures with good views behind us.  Every car and a huge pack of cyclists that went by, all random strangers, slowed down to  honk & wave, yell congratulations, hoot and holler out the window to us, etc.   I can't explain it.  Something about the fact that we made all those random people feel happy for just a passing second.   It was the only time during the day when I found myself slowing down and just be caught in the moment.  I loved that 20 minutes so much.
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