"Secret" wedding locations in or near Denver

I am starting to look for a venue for next year.  We are thinking about having ~ 100 people, would like to be close to Denver (10 minutes of downtown), bring our own food and alcohol, and have the ceremony at the same location or within walking distance to the reception location.  Does anyone know of any locations besides the popular Denver park locations (ex. City Park) or the Botanic Gardens?  

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Re: "Secret" wedding locations in or near Denver

  • The only one I can think of is this (Click) but they don't allow you to bring your own alcohol.
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    Space gallery and artwork network let you bring in your own food/drink and have on site ceremonies
  •  Gallery art network $$ 3000 . You can provide catering and alcohol.
    The McNichols Civic Center Building is located at the northwest corner of Civic CenterPark, at the intersection of Colfax and Bannock.

    PARKSIDE MANSION N 1859 York Street, Denver, Colorado 80206

     Grant Humphreys mansion, Denver, $ 2500 +200 extra additional hour. 
    Willow ridge Manor $ 2800 in MORRISON . LIFESTYLE CATERING , ALCOHOL do you provide. (if you like red rocks stile)

    Historic colorado center $ 3200 with ""mountain view "". DENVER..
    Museum art Denver Duncan Pavillion $2000 but the catering is $$$(Kevin Taylor Restaurant)

    > Hyatt >just the Fridays < Pinnacle club 38 FLOOR,  minimum $ 6000,  plus service charge and ROOM RENTAL: $1,000.00, Extras: rooms 2 nights and points regards. ''Just the friday ''. Saturday is more expensive

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  • Jumping in here to say I would advise AGAINST the clock tower unless you have less than 50 people.  The space is lovely, but not conducive to catering or sit-down dinners.  You will either have people sitting to eat on three separate floors, or you won't have tables to sit down at.  Additionally, guests will have to walk up and down the 3 flights of stairs that the space is spread out over, and there's only one bathroom.  Just some things to consider...
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