March 2014 Weddings

We are the Brides of March!

Hahaha Does anyone else think this is as funny as I do? :D

My wedding date is March 14th (Pi Day!) and I'm super excited! So far, I've got my dress, shoes, hair accessories, booked our venue, sent out STDs, designed the invitations, blocked hotel rooms, booked photographer, bought bridesmaid dresses, had our engagement photos, and got an officiant. Right now I'm working on securing a caterer and a baker. I'm gluten free and so is the rest of my immediate family, so this has been a challenge!

What are you all currently working on? Happy planning!

Re: We are the Brides of March!

  • I am working on save the dates.
  • I just had my bridal shower, so I'm working on my thank you cards.  After that, I'll be finishing up our invitations. 
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  • We just had our Shower on October 13, and I managed to write all the thank you cards and got them out last week.  THANK GOD!  I had my hair trial over the weekend, so now I'm trying to decide which way I want my hair.  It's a hard decision. :o/

    Now, I'm working on the invitations (have to pick up ink for the printer) and ordering the favors.  Once that is done, we have a little "to do" list and we'll be considered done.  

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    Need 8 adults to make minimum.  Eek.
  • 3/23/2014!!!! I'm going to book my photographer and videographer today. It's the last major thing I needed. I get my custom designed invitations next month and they will be in the mail on Dec 26th!
  • I'm 3/15 and in a similar boat.  Dress & BM dresses ordered, officiant secured, flowers set, caterer, photographer, rental company, venues booked.  Working with our designer (having a friend who does graphic design is awesome!) on invitation layout, trying to find a DJ, and possibly a videographer.  Hoping to mail invitations right after New Year's.  (sent save-the-dates over the summer).

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    WOW! You ladies are amazing! Sounds like we're all getting it done. :) I'm 3/28. I've got my venue (ceremony and reception same place),  DJ, Caterer, Officiant, Photographer, dress, reception shoes, written my vows, BM gifts, taken our engagement photos, created 2 small registries, flowers set, BM dresses, flower girl dress,  tux's picked out, hair and makeup set and scheduled, hotel rooms blocked, 1 kind of favors ordered (we're having 2), bachelorette and bridal shower lists already given to BM's, I'm working on second favor (making myself),  getting ready to send out invitations, the guestbook (ordering from shutterfly),  finding ceremony shoes. I'm also making the ring box,  cake stand, cake topper and tags for our mason jar favors. I think that's it. Lord knows there is so much going on in our heads right now ladies. lol. I wish you all the best! :)
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    Wow... December is almost over. March will be here in a blink.

    Date has been moved up to March 8th, but sometimes I feel like I haven't made any progress. However the ceremony, officiant, flowers, reception, both bridesmaid and my dress, and all the tuxedos have been arranged.

    Just everything else needs to be taken care of *chuckle*

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