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11/16/2013 brides!

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  • It's almost 1:00 a.m. here and I still have work to do, so I'll chime in tomorrow. :-S
  • I can't believe we're three days away! Family has started arriving and things are really hectic. I'm working every day except Friday (I teach at a university) and while I wish I could have taken a couple days off, the normalcy of teaching and my students are keeping me sane. 

    Except for the welcome bags for the hotel rooms, everything is done. We're hoping to have those finished tonight, and then are going to head down to our venue on Thursday afternoon/evening to relax and really focus. 

    Oh - our marriage license - we've got to take care of that tonight! :-S

    A few things have gone wrong this week, so I'm hoping it's the kinks working themselves out before the big day. For example, my stylist turned my hair CRAYON RED last Thursday. I panicked and stripped the color myself, then had it "fixed" the next morning. The color is alright, although my hair is absolutely fried. :( Hoping a hot oil treatment or two will restore some of the shine. 

    Rambling now. Obviously didn't get enough sleep last night! 
  • @OjitosVerdes - OH NO! I'm sure that your hair will turn out beautiful on your wedding day! 

    I'm still 8 days behind you, but I'm already having a hard enough time getting to sleep. This will be a busy weekend for me, I'm sure. 

    FI and I both only took of the Friday before, too - I wish I had taken more time off myself. Thankfully, my mom's only working Tuesday next week, so she'll be able to handle some last minute stuff. 

  • I took this whole week off in order to get ready. Today is cake baking day and house cleaning day! I finalized the look of our wedding programs and just need my FI to proof it, then our pastor will print and assemble them for us. I was going to try and do it myself, but then it became 8 pages long, so I am happy to release it.

    We need to finish up our favours, we were making Christmas ornaments, painting the inside of glass balls, but not all of them turned out. It's taken us about 3 weeks, and so now we have changed our plans. We are giving out the ones that turned out, and giving store bought ones to replace the ones that didn't work. They will all have our names and wedding date on it, so at least they will all be a little personalized.

    Other than that, it's finalizing our thank you gifts for the bridal party, and our parents. Packing for the wedding night, and honeymoon, organizing a bit of food for the gift opening, and figuring out how we are going to display our seating chart.


     Wedding Countdown Ticker:)


  • 3 Days... Cue heavy breathing and panic! We are having our rehearsal tonight. Tomorrow I am picking up my dress, the tables numbers and seating chart and the rest of my jewelry, and having my hair cut and highlighted, and having a mani/pedi. Friday is a day of rest (hopefully) or for last minute running around.


    A quick vent... My almost-MIL called this morning to say she had no idea what the plan was for Saturday (really??fairly sure I mentioned it to her several times). I advised her of the wedding day timeline and assured her I would go over it tonight. She complained that her hair appointment was for noon, even though that's when photos are to start. I offer to pay for her hair to be done with my mobile hair/makeup team. She says no, ok fine. Then she casually mentions she wants her grandkids in pictures. I say a polite no, kids are not invited (she's known that since last year) and we are having photos done at a historic B&B (lots of antiques). She doesn't accept my no, so she calls FI and plays dumb with him and mentions bringing the kids again for photos. Thankfully he said no as well. Even their mom, my almost-SIL, says it would be a pain for her with the kids. She advised almost-MIL it would not be a good idea. Almost-MIL tells her to "think about it"... I'm sorry but this isn't her wedding... It's mine an FI's. Why does she not understand that?? I worry that she will try and bring it up again at the rehearsal tonight... Boy I hope she doesn't... Stress galore!


    Ever feel like you want to cry and scream at the same time!?! That's me today...


    Wishing all November 2013 brides a wonderful wedding day!

  • Good luck ladies!   It's so much fun to be on this side of things now and just watching everyone else get to their days.  You will all be wonderful, beautiful, and married in no time!
  • Enjoy ladies!! All the stress will be over soon and you will be celebrating :-)
  • i feel so behind.. im not super stressed and I dont have that much to do I dont think.. I took the whole week off.. just because I didnt want to be at work.. I finished the programs so all Igot to dois work on the lables for the bubble, type up the seating chart and get it printed out.. also go to home depot to get mosquito repellant candles (outside ceremony in florida) .. we got out license at this point I am chilling 

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • Good luck ladies!  Make sure you take time to step back and enjoy, it gets so hectic during the day.  Also a friend of mine gave me the following advice, no matter what happens during the day make sure you and your HUSBAND (yay!!) stay together, even when you go to the bathroom (he doesn't have to go in with you, lol, just stand out side and same for you).  If you get seprated you may never find your way back to each other because everyone wants to talk, hug, etc.  We made sure to do this and I am glad we did.

    So excited for all of you, I hope your day was as perfect as ours!

  • Good luck 11/16 ladies and all the other ladies getting married this weekend! I hope all of your wedding days are beautiful and joyful! Can't wait to hear about them and see pictures!
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