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Invitations - what did you use?

Hi all! I originally thought I didn't care about invitations, but have recently been obsessing over them... I never, ever realized there were so many choices! Letterpress, glitter, bellybands, pocket invitations, AHHHHH! I am so overwhelmed! I like the idea of a pocket invitation (and have checked out cardsandpockets.com) which has only added to my confusion.  If I use a 5x7 pocket, I need to find a 4.75x6.75 invite (where?!) and somehow mount it straight onto to pocket? I feel like my work would look like a kindergartner did it! And then, I need another envelope for the pocket?! Sooo, my questions to all my brides-to-be out there:

1) What website or stationer did you use for your invitations?

2) If you did DIY - how did they come out? Tips or tricks?

3) Postage for pocket invitations - is it expensive? More than 2 stamps each?

4) Do you need a pocket at all? Can't you just put the invite/response card/directions all loosely in the envelope or do you need a bellyband to hold it all together?

5) How much did you spend per piece on your invites?

Re: Invitations - what did you use?

  • 1. WeddingPaperDivas.com 2. N/A 3. We paid 86 cents per invitation in postage (invite, accomodations card, rsvp card/envelope) 4. I wanted pocketfolds so badly... but I couldn't find any that would fit the size invitation we ordered. It wasn't worth the effort for me to DIY pockets. I don't think they're necessary, but they look gorgeous. I layered all my stuff in the envelope and didn't use a bellyband or anything else to hold it together. It was a snug fit in the envelope, so I think it was fine. 5. We paid $500 for all of our stationary using a 25% off coupon. We ordered 50x (invite, rsvp card, accomodations card, thank you card) and 100x (escort card). So approximately $10 per set. We got a high quality product (110lb cotton paper with raised thermographic printing) that looked stunning. You can definitely find more affordable options though.
  • I have no idea why my line breaks aren't showing up... and TK isn't letting me edit my post. Sorry for the poor formatting.
  • We haven't gotten to the invitations yet...but I did use vistaprint and magnetstreet for my STDs and they were pretty awesome!

    Sorry can't help more, GL!
  • I used Delphine Press for the invitations. I had purchased a groupon for this site and was very happy with the quality and service. With out the groupon it was $1000 for 85 invites,reply cards, small insert and envelopes. I did upgrade all the paper and added envelope liner as well. I got my save the dates through vista print. We choose the magnets and I absolutely LOVE them! They were extremely affordable. I used 2 groupons and got 75 for around $45!
  • we did ours ourself...we went to michaels craft and picked them up there the complete kit cost was 45.00.  very easy to use
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