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Hey everyone!! Does anyone have any recommendations on people who do calligraphy??

Re: Calligraphy

  • Computers have really killed that art.  I can hardly find supplies anymore.  
  • I found a place called calligraphy by Marcelle check it out?
  • Invitations by leston in coral gables....beautiful calligraphy!
  • I used calligraphy by Ellen.  I wouldn't recommend her.  There were lots of mistakes on envelopes.  At least a half dozen that I caught before I mailed them, and 5 or six that I didn't catch.  All those ended up coming back to me and I had to resend them, but by the point they said something and/or I got them back, most of them couldn't come.  She fixed the ones I found before I mailed them, but it was a pain in the ass.
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