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June 2014 Weddings

Kicked Out...

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My FI and I decide on our bridal party fairly quickly after we got engaged, and we havent changed our minds much. Of course, since I was so excited I think I waited all of 2 weeks before I sent the girls cute little cards and asked them to be my bridesmaids. My Fi waited a little longer and when he finally asked, he had replaced his twin brother with an old friend. Yesterday, he felt guilty about not including his twin and told me my brother was on the chopping block. I told him that that wasn't gonna happen, that he could add his brother, or whatever, but that there was no way that my brother wasn't going to be in my wedding. He's my little brother (20) and is very excited about being apart of the day, we are 4 years apart and I can honestly say I love my brother and would feel awful if he got kicked out of the wedding party. Was it wrong of me to put my foot down? Normally I'm all about compromise...but this time I wasn't willing to because it meant telling my bro he's kicked out.

Re: Kicked Out...

  • I may be wrong here, but it sounds like there really isn't a reason to kick your brother out of the wedding party aside from your FIs guilt. It would be extremely rude to "kick him out" and it may take a toll on your relationship with your brother should that happen. Hopefully your FI isn't completely against having your brother as a groomsman but if he would rather have his twin stand on his side, you can always have your brother stand by your side. 
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  • @hfrierxx Having my brother stand on my side was initially the plan. My brother actually suggested it. But my FI said no, because he thought it would look weird and said my brother would be a groomsman.

  • I don't think you are wrong, it sounds like it's very important to hav your brother in the wedding.  You were rightto stand for it. 

    Is there a reason they both can't be in the wedding party, just add the twin brother on?

  • No, you're not wrong...and it would be incredibly rude and could possibly damage any relationship between  you and brother or your FI and your brother if he is kicked out. 

    There is no reason to kick out a member of the wedding party unless you (not necessarily YOU) are willing to damage and possibly sacrifice the relationship.
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  • I don't understand why your FI would need to kick your brother out of his wedding party? I would strongly judge FI if he wanted to do that, it's family.  There should be no reason to kick family out of a wedding party.  I agree with you.


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    No he should not kick your brother out.  It's incredibly rude to kick someone out of the bridal party.  If he wants his twin brother too, add him. There is no rule on the amount of attendants or that the sides have to be even.


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    Sounds like he's being a bit of a groomzilla and feels the sides should be traditionally even and boys on one side, girls on the other. It's not worth it to not include someone important to you over that though! Have both!
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