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Ring Fit

I just got engaged last weekend and am in love with my ring (and fiancé!) I am wondering if anyone has advice on how big is too big for an engagement ring? When I first put it on, it was a little tough to slide over my knuckle but a little loose at the base of my finger. Most of the time it fits fine but when I am very cold, or when I am using slippery products like hair conditioner, it slides around. In the shower I am kind of nervous it could slide off. But when my fingers expand from heat, and when I just wake up in the morning, it feels like any smaller would be too tight! Right now it is a 6.5 but I wonder if I should go down a quarter size? Then again I heard that once you put the wedding band behind it, the engagement ring sits higher on your finger and more snug. Any opinions? I attached a picture of it, when it is fitting normally.

Re: Ring Fit

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    If it's a little tough to slip over your knuckle it seems fine.  You don't want to make it too much tougher to slip over your knuckle, or else you may not be able to get it on your finger at all.  Your knuckle is wider than the part of your finger where the ring sits so it being a bit more loose there is just unavoidable if you want it to be physically possible to get it past your knuckle.  
    Also conditioner is going to make any ring slip around, it's a slippery substance :P If that makes you worried when you're in the shower, take it off while you shower and put it right back on when you get out, it's better to not wear your ring for a few minutes than it is to be stressed that it might fall off.  I never shower with my ring on because I'm afraid I'll get it stuck in my hair.  Everything gets stuck in my hair XD  
  • I'm pretty sure they make attachments you can put on your ring to make it tighter without actually getting it re-sized, so there's that option. Also, if you're fiance purchased a warranty plan on the ring that offers unlimited re-sizing then you can always get it a size smaller if needed. If I were you though, I wouldn't wear it in the shower if you're afraid it's going to fall off.

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  • I would say wear it a while before you decide.  By the way, its a beautiful ring!
  • Thanks everyone! I did not have it professionally fitted... My fiancé snuck another ring that I always wear on my right hand and brought that to the jeweler when he got the engagement ring. My right hand fingers are a tiny but bigger apparently. I will look into the adjustments without resizing... I'm afraid summer will come and a resized ring will be too small. He can get it resized for free, the jeweler told him it would be no problem, but I'm just not sure if that is the best thing to do so soon. Thanks again!!
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