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NWR: thoughts on the Best Man Holiday!!

Great movie filled with sadness. Excitement and laughter. Great lessons on marriage and relationships! Hope you go out and see it. Wish I could say ,more but don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it! 

Re: NWR: thoughts on the Best Man Holiday!!

  • I'm working so much right now that I won't be able to see it until after Thanksgiving :-(
  • That movie was soooooo good... I laughed and cried excellent movie

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  • Loved it! There were a total of 10 of us and we had a ball.  I cried basically the entire last half of the movie but I got some good laughs too.  The cast was great and I am glad to see that it looks like there will be a Best Man 3.  

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  • Loved it Loved it Loved. It was definitely filled with laughter and tears, both happy and sad. Terrence Howard was a fool lol...And yes it does look like there will be a Best Man 3. Cant wait!!!
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    O M G...first let me say Morris Chestnut was looking fi'one as ever! !! Lol love love love the movie. Im with everybody else..I laughed cried and laughed some more. I want to see it again ! Looking forward to The Best Man 3 !!!!
  • Essense did an article on the life lessons in the movie. They said it was a spoiler, but I didn't believe them and read it anyway. WWWHHHYYY DID I DO THAT??!! Ugh...stupid stupid stupid. I will believe all spoiler alerts from now on. I look forward to seeing the movie even though I now know what happens :-(
  • The movie was very good!  I had a good time and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Q was so funny and I loved the air band scene. And can I get an AMEN for Morris Chestnut?!  I had to control myself since the FI was sitting right next to me.  I'm not somebody who buys DVD's often, but this will be added to my collection. I'm so glad it did well in the theater...we need more films like this.
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  • OMG...lets not talk about Morris Chestnut. Man O Man. That is my "celebrity husband" lol...the hubby knows I love me some Morris. He turned to me and told me I had to close my eyes when he had his shirt off lol. I tried Very hard to keep my composure.
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  • This movie was so moving. I felt like I had been on an emotional roller coaster. Real life issues, with real friendships & real relationships.I am so glad that everyone went out & supported this movie & the numbers were better than expected. We need more movies like this that show our culture in a positive light.
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  • excellent movie... i was lauhging crying and it was wonderfully done.. it was on par with the first movie and I am excited about the 3 one coming

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