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Tuesday Accountability

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Since no-one else has started it yet....

B: Dried apricots, half a bagel and cream cheese

L: Turkey and cheese sandwich

S: More tasty apricots!

D: Either leftovers (spinach tortellini bake) or what my BF lovingly calls Racist Chicken Chili (white chicken chili made with tons of cheese and salsa verde)

I'm also making a list of goals to complete today since I'm working from home. I'm starting to feel stressed about all the upcoming wedding related activities.

- Eat my vitamin, drink 2L of water

- Wash, fold, put away clothes

- Wash all bedding, including duvet covers and decorative pillow cases

- Wash dog blankets

- Dust

- Vaccum

- Buy more dogfood

Re: Tuesday Accountability

  • B: baked oatmeal with almond milk, monster, sausage egg & cheese on a hard roll

    L: Red pepper stuffed with orzo, feta and arugula

    S: Apple

    D: Potato and kielbasa casserole

    E: 1 Hour of Zumba (-600)

    I have to get our guest bedroom ready for my parents visit next week, so I need to clean all the things this week/weekend/next week too!

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  • B:  2 eggs, 2 pc. bacon, banana-cakes
    L:  ckn drumstick braised in wine and rosemary, roasted asparagus and mushrooms, pink lady apple
    S:  earnest eats choco peanut butter whole food bar and/or cashews
    D:  this yummy looking red chili recipe with some shredded cheese, green onions, and a few fritos (LINK)

    E:  ended up doing some strength training last night instead of Turkey Trot training, so today after work I'll be doing that (5K)
  • B- hot chocolate, oatmeal with strawberries

    L- vegetable fried rice

    S- apple

    D- potato wedges with carrots and a veggie burger

    S- chex mix

    E- I confess I didn't work out at all last night My goal for the first thing I do when I get home today is put in a video for an abs workout. 


  • B- Coffee and oatmeal
    L- Leftover honey mustard chicken
    S- Grapes
    D- Chicken soup with my homemade bread that I've been freezing for the next time we had soup!

    E- Insanity 
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