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Hi All!

I am searching for the perfect budget friendly venue in the surrounding suburbs of Chicago. My fiance and I are paying for the wedding ourselves and have a budget of $15,000 with 150 guests. Our wedding date is 12-13-2014. If anyone can give any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!


Re: Budget Friendly Venue - Surrounding Chicago Suburbs

  • Not sure which suburbs your looking at. I'm guessing the 15k is for the whole wedding?? Maybe if you gave a little more info people could have a better idea of what to suggest.
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    Katherine Legge in Hinsdale is really pretty and I think its reasonably priced.
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  • We're using the Seville in Streamwood. Having a brunch reception which will be like $33-35 a person. I will mention we are having no alcohol (besides bloody mary's and mimosas for an hour) and a sweets table instead of cake. 

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  • Southern or northern suburbs? IT's a big city! LOL
  • I'm having mine at the Hilton Chicago/Northbrook.  They have a package that starts at around $60/person.  The minimums are also set by the number of guests.  You even get a hotel room with the package.  So far, they have been great to work with.
  • Shores of Turtle Creek in Spring Grove. Beautiful venue, and there prices are very reasonable...I believe for the venue, reception, ceremony, and catering its around 14,000 that was priced for 160 people.


  • Thank you for the responses. I should have specified more, so sorry! We are looking at the northern suburbs. $15,000 is our budget for the entire wedding (hopefully we stick to that.) I have looked at the Seville online and was considering going to take a look at it. Thank you again everyone!
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    If you are looking at the northern suburbs, check out The Arboretum in Buffalo Grove, The Cotillion or The Meridian in Palatine, or The Stonegate or Chandler's in Schaumburg.
  • Thank you! I've just sent an inquiry to a few of those places, so thank you for the input.
  • I second the Cotillion...super nice for a great price. The Chateau Ritz in Niles might fit your budget too.
  • We are having ours at the Cotillion next October with a similar budget!
  • I put an inquiry in to the Cotillion. I'm going to visit the Hilton Northbrook this weekend.


    Thank you again for all the help!

  • Check out Onion Pub Great Hall- great location, great staff and amazing prices



    Check out The Empress in Addison!  It's newly remodeled and gorgeous!

  • I checked out the Onion Pub, but they already had our date booked. =[ Thank you all for the suggestions again, I am pretty certain we will be going with the Seville. =] If anyone is interested, they really do offer A LOT within their packages, and have been great to work with so far. 
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