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Ring on honeymoon?--feeling conflicted

We are leaving for honeymoon this week and hubby and I are having a debate as to whether I should take my rings. Our original plan was to leave them in our safe deposit box while we are gone, but now that we are married I am reluctant to leave them. I know I can't take my engagement ring as it is a little bit on the larger/ flashy/ valuble side. My wedding band is also a little bit flashy since it has diamonds in the band. He thinks I should leave both. When I originally made the decision to leave the rings I had no idea I would feel so conflicted. I actually cried over this today. I do not have another more plain ring I can wear on that finger. Thoughts anyone? This is really tearing me up.

Re: Ring on honeymoon?--feeling conflicted

  • Where are you going? I wore mine the whole honeymoon. I actually have never gone a day without my engagement ring (I have only taken it off for Bikram Yoga class). 
  • we are going to the carribean on a cruise

  • We're going on a Carribean  cruise also, I'm wearing my rings.  We don't plan to go off the beaten path and I'm sure my ring won't come off in the ocean...
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  • I'm taking mine on our Hawaiian honeymoon, but plan on keeping them in the room safe when we do our more "adventure-y" activities. Does your room on the ship have an in-safe or anything? 
  • I'm pretty sure there is a safe in your room. The two cruises I have been on both had safes and we left all kinds of valuables in there at certain points (mostly for excursions). 
  • We've decided to leave the engagment ring, but take the wedding band. There is an in-room safe in our suite, so we should be fine.  Hubby is still freaking out over this, but even my aunt said that everyone takes their jewelry especially on the higher end cruises. 


  • I bought a sterling silver/diamond ring on to wear on my honeymoon (from which I just returned) and left my wedding band/engagement ring at home.  It's a band style so it did the trick, and I wasn't as worried about losing it or having it stolen as I would have been my real set.


  • My rings are pretty flashy as well, and I only took them off in the ocean and at night like usual.  I was in Hawaii and had no issues.  Only big problem was my fingers swelled so much between the plane ride and the humidity.
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