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An (almost) Perfect Day (long)

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I'm married! The day was almost perfect. I arrived to the ceremony cite only about 15 minutes late, then one of my bridesmaids had to run back to the limo twice, first to get the flowers, then to get the ring bearer pillow. Once we got started everything was great. My husband told me after that the flower girls threw the petals out of the basket one by one, which was adorable. There were a few little things that went wrong, I was the one to design the program, and I didn't have anyone check over the words to the hymns, so they were a little different than everyone was used to, there were a few small glitches with the music, and our aunt wasn't sure when to start her reading of a passage from the bible. When I think about the ceremony, I don't even remember those glitches though, everything feels perfect.

After the ceremony the pastor announced that we would have a receiving line, because we had discussed doing that at one of our meetings. In the discussion, he advised us that we may not want to, because of space at the church, and just greet everyone at the reception. So husband and  I left the church, then headed up the path to go get a couple photos taken at his mom's grave, we had a line of people following us, and eventually they stopped. Later on we heard that the pastor had announced a receiving line, so now I understand why everyone had followed us. Our photo shoot went great and we even had time to check into our wedding night hotel before we had to head to the reception :)

Our reception was so fun, dinner was delicious, and the music was great, everyone had a lot of fun. Only two disappointing things about the reception, the photo booth guy got the date wrong on the bottom of the photos, and when we did our special dances, the lights were all the way up. I had asked for them to be turned down but was told that the videographers needed them up. Because of the lighting, the mood didn't feel quite right. We had an open bar, but I chose not to drink, and my husband was not allowed to drink, since the liquor licence was in his name. I'm glad we did things the way we did, my husband told me that there were at least a few people impressed with our "good manners" to host an open bar, but not get drunk ourselves.

The worst part of the day was the fact that 2 close family friends weren't able to make it. I've known them my whole lie and call them aunt and uncle. My "aunt's" dad was battling an illness, and they got the call the morning of the wedding that he was in not good shape, and they needed to get to the hospital right away. I found out about this before the ceremony, and it was hard. I called my husband and we talked for a bit, and he helped me forget about it. The couple ended up surprise us and coming to the reception but sadly my aunt's dad didn't make it. I asked my uncle (out of ear shot of my aunt) how my aunt's dad was doing. He didn't want to tell me that he had passed, but did because I asked.

*photos didn't work, I will try and post them later, and wow I went long!


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