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HUGE PROBLEM...military on military && maybe a military clause?

So I am engaged to a US Airman who is currently doing a 1 year tour in korea. I myself am also leaving for Airforce BMT in march. We refused to get married before he left because we just didnt see the need to rush it. I am trying my best to plan our wedding while hes gone because he decided that he really wants to do it when he gets home since all of our families will be here.

heres the issue... I literally have no idea if ill even be done with tech school by the time he comes home. So im planning this wedding around the thought that maybeeee by the will of god ill be able to come home for my own wedding. Should i continue to plan this wedding not really knowing if ill even be able to make it. I know with the military nothing is certain as far as dates go. so im not sure if i should just continue to plan but making sure that all my vendors have a military clause? has anyone delt with this? i really am not too familiar on the topic myself.

I dont want to tell him that we should postpone the wedding because it would literally break his heart that his family wont be able to go if i do. His family is comming from pretty much all around to see him when he gets home so of course it makes more sense to do it while they are already there.

just need some advice on what i should do and if anyone has delt with having to do a military clause with there vendors?

Re: HUGE PROBLEM...military on military && maybe a military clause?

  • Here are the issues I see:
    1~  Homecoming dates change all the time.  You may plan a wedding for the weekend after he gets back and ~~BLAMMO~~ his return date is pushed back 2 weeks or 2 months
    2~ You may make it through BMT and Tech before.  However, you may also break your ankle and get pushed back several months.  I had multiple fractures in both of my femurs during Basic.  My 5 month training turned into 8.  
    3~  He may not get the time off to do it.
    4~ You may not get the time off to do it.  

    I know he is thinking it would be best to do it when he comes home, but there are so many factors that say it could go wrong. I would wait about 6-9 months after.  Give him time to readjust to being back.  Give your self time to readjust.  Give family time to save up a bit more to come back again.  
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