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Cozumel or Nassau for honeymoon? Inexperienced but Excited Travelers!

Looking for advice. We are debating between Cozumel and Nassau for our honeymoon. We are active people and are interested in going out and doing things while on our trip. We are less worried about the destination being romantic or secluded and more concerned that it will provide new experiences and adventures. Has anyone been to either location and what are your opinions/suggestion? We have not been able to travel much in the past so any and all advice is helpful :)

Re: Cozumel or Nassau for honeymoon? Inexperienced but Excited Travelers!

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    I have been to both, but my experiences are limited to cruise ship stops.

    I found Nassau rather lacking in activities and a lot of people complain about feeling uncomfortable/harassed by the locals.  I enjoyed our excursion (dolphin swim at Blue Lagoon) but the rest of our stay was just okay...

    Cozumel is a lot more developed and touristy in my experience.  We did a mini-sub excursion that was fun.  We had a good time wandering around a little bit before getting back on board.  Cozumel can be a good jumping off point to get to mainland Mexico (including ruins).

    One thing to note about Cozumel, some of the beaches are artificial.  The island is pretty but the sand is brought in and there are few walk in beaches.  To get to the water in a lot of places you have to walk down steps...  Now I was only looking at beaches near the cruise docks so the other side of the island may be different.

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  • Have not been to Cozumel, but have been to Nassau on a cruise stop. Have you thought about staying in Playa del Carmen and taking a day trip to Cozumel? If you were on the mainland, it would probably make it easier/cheaper to get to other excursions, such as Tulum or cenotes snorkelling.  
  • If Nassau is lacking in activities it is probably not for us. We hadn't even considered staying in Playa del Carmen-actually hadn't even researched it too much. Looked into it more and it sounds more fitting to what we are looking for with a possible day trip to Cozumel. Thanks!
  • why have you chosen these 2 areas only? i agree-pcd, cancun, tulum are all better choices for you imo based on what you've written.


  • Yeah I wouldn't do Nassau.  I would stick with Mexico and find a place that gives you luxury, beach, and some neat excursions.   Nassau was fine but it didn't blow me away.
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  • I only stopped there on cruise ships too, but I'd take Cozumel over Nassau any day.  Had a blast in Cozumel.  Couldn't wait to leave Nassau.

    But I second pps that there are probably plenty of other options that would be great too!  Don't limit yourself!

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