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Need Ideas!

Can anyone give me some ideas on what I might do, We have the cylinder vases, with a Ivory floater and coral ribbon and a slider. My daughter thinks they need something maybe on the bottom, As you see I tried the white beads, she didn't like it, I dyed the water, she didn't like that. I heed HELP!!! The pic shows a white floater and white beads.

Re: Need Ideas!

  • I don't like the ivory "floaters".  I'm not even sure what they are.  Have you considered filling the bottom with clear marbles?  Maybe placing this on top of something.  I've seen people using mirrors because they add presence. 
  • If you're doing a grouping of those, they would look nice witha mirror under them. And also if you added the clear glass beads in the bottom and then set them on mirrors that would give the vase a shimmer effect inside. The glass beads picking up light that is reflected up from the mirror.
  • Apparently great minds think alike and we were typing our idea at the same time, bluebird!
  • I like it when people submerge flowers in water. I think it adds a lot.

    What's the vibe/location/formality of the wedding? You could do clear beads, pearls (can buy strands for beading @ a craft store), sand, etc. I'd wander through the aisles of a craft store - particularly the beading section - and look for inspiration.

  • I would use coral stones in them to add color. The white ones blend in so you cannot see what it is (at least from the picture).  maybe add some of the rhinestone ribbon around the top, but that may be too much. Try adding the color first and see...I also like the idea of putting it on a mirror and little tea candles around it as well. Are you going to float a candle on top too?

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    Glitter fan on board!  I would use glitter to cover the bottom of the vase up to the spot where the ribbon is.  If you use clear/frosted glitter, you get the candle to shimmer through.
    I do a layer of glue, followed by a layer of glitter.  Once that is all VERY dry, I seal with a layer of glue. Modpodge and regular glue both work the same, but most go to the expense of modpodge.  I've seen some use lace or sheer fabric in the same process.I have also used Dollar Tree glass stones in clear but covered the tops with metallic nail polish, but not an easy project at all.
    Table mirrors can get very $$$$$.  I went to dollar tree and bought their framed mirrors (not the best quality, but it worked for the tables) and pulled the frames off.  Guest actually kept them.

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