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Cake Tasting

This may be a dumb question but do we make an appointment for cake tasting? We have a few bakeries we are looking at and I'm not sure where to start. Do we go in and discuss pricing and set up tasting at a later date or do we do it all at once? Do we set up an appointment or just drop in? TIA
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Re: Cake Tasting

  • I think you should call any bakery that you are interested in.  I looked and TONS of them online and really only liked one.  I called her and set up an appointment.  At the appointment, we did a tasting and discussed design and pricing.  The pricing worked for us and we absolutetly loved the cake and the design, so I booked then and there.

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    We did cupcakes, so I had to go multiple days for tasting since I had to sample the cupcakes on the days they had the flavors I was interested in. I called and scheduled an appointment for the first one so I could make sure someone would be available to talk to me. On that visit, I liked the cupcakes so much that I went ahead and set everything up and then just went back a few more times to sample to narrow down my flavor selection. 
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  • I would call and make an appointment.  At the consultation you will taste the cake/icing/filling, discuss designs and pricint.
  • I would call and make an appointment.  At the consultation you will taste the cake/icing/filling, discuss designs and pricint.
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    You should definitely call to book an appointment. You should also find out if there is a charge. If someone books an appointment at my bakery, we don't charge a fee for a consultation and I will let them sample a few of my mini cupcakes. If they want to take some home with them I will usually charge a discounted rate for a box. If the bakery does charge a fee for a consultation find out exactly what that fee is paying for and if it will be put towards your balance if you book with them. If you are finding that most bakeries in your area charge a fee, act as a regular customer and buy cupcakes or a slice of cake to narrow it down to your top choices, then book an appointment with them. Appointments are important. I like to compare it to going to the doctor. If I show up without an appointment my doctor might be able to see me if he's there, I'll probably have to wait until he is available, when I do get to see him he'll probably be rushed and I usually forget to ask all the things I need to ask. When you book an appointment you will have the undivided attention of the staff or preferably owner for as long as it takes to answer all the questions you have. Take pictures, write down questions and tell them ahead of time if you have specific flavors you want to try so they can make sure those flavors are available. Have fun! ETA: most bakeries can give you information on pricing before you book an appointment but may not want to give you a quote without sitting down with you for a proper consultation. This is because pricing often depends on the things you want to add. I could say a 3 tiered cake will cost you 250 but when you come in for a consultation and you want fondant flowers, movement or another feature we offer the price could easily double depending on the intricacies of the work. As a consumer and bride to be I'd be really angry and feel like the bakery was trying to pull a fast one on me if this happened. We have a wedding package that clearly lists all of our pricing so you can get a rough estimate of what it will cost but this is another important reason to book.
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  • Call and book an appointment.  We went to 4 tastings and they were all free.  
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