Wedding Woes


I'm all kinds of mad that I don't have the entire week off.

I told my sister that mom has to stay with her for TG. She's stayed with me the last three times she's been in town. That's right...

I wanted to see the Hunger Games this weekend, but it was cold and I was a bum.

A screw fell out of one of my bathroom cabinets and I've tried for three days to fix it. It is still hanging.

TWD was good last night. Crazy governor is back.


Re: Random

  • I'm ready to talk TWD whenever you are.

    I saw the first Hunger Games movie over the weekend.  It was alright.

    I'm seeing the doctor this afternoon and really hoping I don't have some contagious thing that will keep us from seeing my family this week.  I will throw the biggest tantrum.  I will feel obligated to give DH and the kids a good TG dinner and I have never made a turkey.  Also, I don't have one.  I also don't have groceries for the rest of the week because we planned to be OOT.  I really need to be healthy enough to go.

  • I don't understand why Martinez would help him out of the pit. He's crazy, yo. I was sorry to see how he killed Nate. That was wrong.


    I don't understand why there can't be more of a balance. He didn't want to murder people for their stuff, so that was the only reason he deserved to die. let's get a balance, people.

  • I was wondering the same thing about Martinez.  Why did he just accept the Gov back into the group like that?  It appeared Martinez was trying to run things in a good way, so why would he think the Governor would be a good fit there?  I get that he had those girls with him, but it didn't work out too well, did it?

  • The governor could never share the power, and Martinez should have known that.


    I want to know what Carol's up too, and what new group is she with.

  • Yes. And how is the prison flu???

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