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So my colors are David's bridal petal and rosewood. Basically just a light pink and a reddish-brown. I'm having a hard time thinking of centerpieces that will go with these colors. Any ideas?

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  • Well, what kind of centerpieces do you want? Floral, non-floral, tall,short, etc. Is your wedding formal or informal? What's your venue look like?

    Pinks and browns are a broad range to work with.
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    Floral and short
  • If you are DIYing it, go to the Budget and DIY board.  The posters there are pretty creative.  Also, If you are in the DIY mode, start at Dollar Tree or their web site. There are TONS of vases and candle/tea light options.  Most of the glass is pretty easy to cover, either with glitter, glass paint, or fabric and modpodge glue.  
    Flowers don't necessarily have to be in your exact color only.  The light pink is easy with roses and a bunch of other flowers.  I am not as sure about the reddish brown.  
    Also, don't forget to check out Pinterest.
  • Pinterest is full of awesome ideas! Just search for "pink wedding', "floral centerpieces", etc and you'll get tons of different options. 
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