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Anybody around to hang out today?

Everyone ready for Thanksgiving?

I think we are.  We went out for a few more things last night and it wasn't too bad.  Sam's and Kroger were relatively empty. 

DefConn and I are almost packed.  DH and the kiddo are on their own.  DH needs to find our air mattresses in the garage. 

Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to our T-day trip being over?  It's going to be a cozy few days with my IL's.  

Re: Anybody around to hang out today?

  • I'm on the phone with the doctor to get Son in.  He's got the same symptoms as me.  Ugh.
  • Off and on.  I've got my 10 dozen cookies baked and laundry folded.  Now I need to make salsa and rice krispie treats and pack.  We need to take rolls to MIL and DH decided he wants a sleeping bag.  He did the same thing with a sleeping bag last year.  Whatever.  Have fun at Meijer.

    I'm playing with kitchen design and checking for a sneak peak of Max's photos.  I don't even know how long is normal, but I'm not patient.

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    I need to get a grocery list together, but I have so much other shit going on that it hasn't seemed important. I need to get the stuff to make cranberry salad for the in-laws and tamales for husband's work Black Friday blitz -- he works in IT for a massive retail corporation, so he gets to work at like 3:30 or 4 Friday morning, ugh.

    I'm sad because I missed a half hour of my two hour Japanese lesson last night because Tennesseans can't comprehend driving in weather. It was awful.

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    Oh Taw!  That sucks!  Feel better,  both of you. 

    You sound like me, 6.  I've got a running list of crap that needs to get done...along with doing the job I get paid to do.  I have to say that working from home definitely helps us with trip preparedness.  I have a lot of flexibility to get stuff done. If I was in the office, we'd be up until midnight every night this week. 
  • Yep, and trying not to work too hard.
  • on and off.
    Meijer is out of cranberries (boo!) and I'm supposed to make pumpkin bread AND pumpkin roll tonight.  

    And the student I was wondering if was impaired or drunk yesterday turned out to be both.  I get a gold star I guess?
  • They're just going to treat him.  Thank goodness we don't all have to trek into the office.  Waiting for the script at Walgreens won't be fun, but it will be better than waiting for the doctor and then waiting for the meds.
  • i'm ready. i have to make some things tomorrow, but at least tomorrow is a half day for me.


    and tomorrow night i am making a faux thansgiving dinner for us since he has to work on the actual holiday.


    last, as much as i would love to go shopping on black friday for some deals, i just don't thin kanyone actually needs to. anything in the stores worth getting should be online at some point, and the money i don't save will be well spent not dealing with chaos to save money on things i won't ever miss in my life.

  • That's great Taw, yay for not lugging a sick kid everywhere.

    I am sitting here trying not to move as anything below my shoulders hurts.  I started Insanity yesterday and the Fit Test kicked my ass.  It's my second go round, but seriously...ouch.  If I can make it through the first two weeks, I'll be golden.

    Also, I was asked to make desserts for SIL's pumpkin bars and apple pie bars it is.  Now, if I just don't screw up the apple pie ones.  Ha.
  • My mom was talking about getting to the stores on Friday, and I told her she could have my car keys.

    Truth be told, after eating, a nap, watching a movie on the sofa, and hours of family time, shopping is probably not out of the question Thursday night. I could be talked into it, if the majority wanted to go.

  • Just starting to cook :-/. Made one pie yesterday and jump started the other.

    In hindsight, I'm really glad we got a new oven for the remodel. I was initially planning on just deep cleaning the old one, but it was revolting. We just caved and got a new one. I never realized how uncalibrated the old one was until I started baking pies and cookies in it. Perfectly baked, no burnt bottoms, no modifications, pie collars, nothing. New kitchen, new heating and cooling unit that works really well...our house might actually be tolerable this year ;)

    Past that, I'll be here on and off. Wed too. Quiet work time = time to get other "not on fire" tasks completed.
  • @GBCK- I alwaysi buy at least one bag of cranberries the first time I see them.  There was a shortage in 1980something and I've been worried ever since.

  • We fly out at 10 tonight and my surprise stomach flu yesterday meant I haven't packed a single thing yet. Need to get dd to daycare so I can rush some laundry through and get us both squared away.

    I have a feeling my thanksgiving meal will be a light one.
  • Boo Jojo.  I hope your flight is OK.  Gastro issues and flying seems like it would be a miserable pairing. 
  • Poor Jo. I understand about gastro issues over here. I hope you start to feel better before your flight.
  • Thanks ladies, I am feeling enormously better compared to 24 hours ago. I did not want to deal with a plane ride with the gastro stuff for sure. My stomach has chilled so I can take stuff now for the fever and imodium for the rest, I should be pretty good on the plane tonight. *fingers crossed*
  • @nolabridesmaid- Have you had any answers to your issues?
  • Mom is cooking this year.  We're bringing rolls, but DH will make those that morning so they're fresh.  Nothing else to do.  Sometimes I get jealous of all the big families and plans, then I remember how peaceful and non-stressful all of my holidays are and remember to appreciate that.

    No shopping on Thursday, NOLA!  C'mon, it's just stuff.  Do retail workers really need to be giving up their holiday for stuff?  I know I always complain about consumerism, but really, it just feels like every holiday season gets more and more out of control.
  • I had the scope procedure and everything looked great. I have to make an appt to go over the biopsy results because he won't do it over the phone. Ok. So, I have to pay another copay.


    Let's just say, that I'm very surprised how much out of pocket this is all costing. I had some random number in my head, but nope. Much, much more. Between the ER visit, the scope procedure, copays. Yep. This is my Christmas present to myself, I guess.

    But, the blessing is I'm able to pay it, so I'm just writing checks.


  • Hello. Sitting here waiting for the official discharge stuff to come through. Very nervous as DH has to go to work today because he's the only one the can do something (and of course, it's one of the few things he can't do remotely) and I'll officially be doing the parent of two thing for a few hours. I'm so ready for my bed.
  • W/ medical stuff, you can still call and ask them to set you up a payment plan--they're interest free and all that jazz.  It's amazing what it costs.

    I should start a run on cranberries 6.  I think I'll hit up the weird little store in the weird little town on my drive home.

    I'm also compulstively shopping for the child, clothes she doesn't need.  I got her this yesterday:image

  • That vest is too stinkin' cute.  
  • That vest is fantastic!
  • 6fsn said:
    That vest is fantastic!
    Ms. Fashonista M2 needs one.  ;) 
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    Our photographer just sent me the link to our wedding pictures, ooooo!!
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