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Confession Morning

I'm listening to Christmas music on Pandora and surprised at how many I know the words to.

My sister is pre-engaged and we went to look at a venue last weekend. <Don't tell anybody>


Re: Confession Morning

  • Pre-Engaged?  I didn't know this was a thing.  ;)

    I do remember you talking about it though.

    I'm holding off on Christmas music until after Tday.  BUT, I am definitely ready for christmas music.  YAY!
  • That's what I have termed it. She wanted me to go with her to look for bm's dresses and that's when I have to put my foot down.

    No ring=no trying on bm dresses

  • Smart NOLA, noone has time for that.  Plus, that deserves a side-eye. 
  • I haven't listened to any Christmas music, but I've been singing it at DefConn's request.  

    He asked me to sing to him last night and I started singing a song I know in Italian and he said, "No mama!  Christmas songs!" 
  • I give her a pass. At 44, I would be a tad excited too. They both agree that it's going to be next year in the fall. He's still saving for the ring she wants, and she's pre-planning the big day. With my help of course.:)


    He doesn't know about her pinterest board, though.:)

  • hmmmmm, does she have a promise ring?

  • Okay, he's smart.  Saving is good, and talking about expectations is good.  Plusalso, you're her sister, you know WAY more about this than us interwebz strangers.
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    I confess that I can't figure out why anyone would want to participate in Black Friday when Cyber Monday exists.

  • I confess that I can't figure out why anyone would want to participate in Black Friday when Cyber Monday exists.

    Yes!!! When there's Amazon, the rest of the interwebs, and a valid credit card, who actually needs to go to the mall??? :D

    We go to a locally owned toy store for any toy shopping and that's it. I don't even have to set foot in a Toys R Us :). Murderous rage averted.

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  • No, just a verbal contract. hee

    They're good together, so I have given my blessing.


  • I've been out on Black Friday twice...maybe three times.  Only with MIL and SIL.  And SIL/BFF, if she and BIL were with us.  

    I prefer Cyber Monday or even better, buying stuff here and there starting in August.  Meijer and Target end of summer toy clearance is where it's at.  :)  
  • We love cyber Monday, that with Amazon prime? Done and done.
    But for toys, we do the same as @dharmabunny, there is a great family owned small chain here, they have all the learning toys and such. We have always gotten nieces tis there.

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