Wedding Woes

Packing would be easier

If I could just go shopping every time. Seriously. I got a lot of new summer stuff when we went to Hawaii, so it was super easy to pack. 

I think my main issue is a lot of my long sleeved stuff needs replacing, I think it was 3 years ago I did a big buy? So now everything has little holes in it, etc. I will be hitting up some cyber Monday sales for me I think.

Re: Packing would be easier

  • Yep.  Packing whil pregnant was a cake walk- here's my 1 dress, 1 pair of pants...
  • Yes. DH was like, you bought all sorts of new stuff this time last year. Of course I did, I didn't have anything else that fit at the time.

    I figure Old Navy will have me covered.
  • Random packing question.


    Do you pack for the kids first, and then yourself or the other way?

  • Random packing question.


    Do you pack for the kids first, and then yourself or the other way?

    It depends on whose laundry is clean.  I usually do adult laundry first so I go, then them. 
  • I am packing her first today, washed her stuff first because it was easiest. 

    Although, I am am total fail on her socks, even after @DG1 sent me the little zipper bags and everything. We had the system down, then dd started pulling her socks off where ever and when ever she felt like it. Now we have socks under the couch, in our cars, every where. And I have to try and find 6 pairs to take with us.
  • Socks suuuuuuck.  I can never keep track of where the girls rip their socks off.  I think right now we've got 6 actual pairs between both girls.  We'd have 97 pairs if I had all the mates.  But white socks are just so boring.

  • We have a sock basket in our house.  We just fish socks out of it when we need them. 

    Until DH or I get fed up and mate up the socks in the basket. 

    DefConn has a ton of socks.  I only buy Old Navy socks for him.  He is still wearing his 6-12mos socks (they fit), and his 12-24 mos socks.  I buy him 2/3 toddler now, but I've kept his old ones too.  I try to match up the 6-12, 12-24, and 2/3T socks, but he ends up wearing a mixed set (same color different sizes). 
  • Our socks live in a basket too, we Hate with a capitol H matching up socks.

    DD sock's are all patterned and crap, so they have to be with their mate. 

    And hearkening back to travel, our flight is already delayed 30 minutes. We were supposed to take off at 10, now it is 10:30pm. Yay.
  • boo, travel is hard.

    Buffy doesn' wear socks half the time...I don't either so it's hard to enforce "go put socks on" as she stares at my bare toes.
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