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Do you think it will look weird if I don't have a MOH? I don't have a best friend, or a sister or any close family member for that role. I have two girlfriends that I want in my party, and their SOs are going to be GM any way so it fits. BUT FI has a best man. How would this work? I would want my friends to walk with their BF/husband but then the best man would be alone. There may also be an awkward gap.  

Have you seen this in real life? How did it turn out?

Re: No MOH

  • Uneven parties are very common, as is not having a MOH. This is all completely fine and a much better option than someone as 'filler.' There doesn't need to be a gap, just have one stand closer to you with the same spacing as the best man. Have the best man walk by himself. 

    We did this in real life and my ceremony kicked ass ;)

  • I'm not having a MOH.

    I have no idea how anyone would really realize you don't have a MOH unless they pour through your program, and even then, who cares? Just line your girls up alphabetically, randomly, by height, whatever. 

    The BM can walk by himself, escort another lady, or they can single file/alternate it. Whatever works. 
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    I didn't have a MOH. Look at my pics. Can you tell there's no MOH? Nope.
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    You could also have the BM already up front with the groom and not walk in with everyone else.
  • You could also have the BM already up front with the groom and not walk in with everyone else.
    I agree, this would be an easy solution.
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